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Amazing. Leading into a maze.

Under-stand. See what is under.

Woful = woeful, woe + ful => woman, woeman (wretched man, the wretched one, the wretched sex)

In managerial economies like ours, high remuneration tends to accrue to positions held in depersonalizing organizations (cf. The Organization Man by W.H. Whyte). It is therefore surprising that few intelligent people, if the concept of meritocracy is accurate, are facing a motivation obstacle that prevents them from sacrificing personality to remuneration.

The concept of meritocracy ought to be further reviewed. For one thing, it may not be true that a degree is a sure sign of intelligence, insofar as we are now seeing women widely outperforming men in academic achievements while IQ testing does not predict it. – All in all, those who take in earnest the Pygmalion effect (the influence of expectations on performance) are implicitly rejecting the concept of meritocracy as they claim school results depend on third parties’ expectations rather than IQ.

Which, by the way, makes John Stuart Mill’s idea of granting plural voting to intelligent people as deduced from education – ‘The distinction in favour of education, right in itself, is further and strongly recommended by its preserving the educated from the class legislation of the uneducated’ (Considerations on Representative Government) – nonsensical. Do the Millists of our days, then, advocate weighting votes according to IQ?


Veil Down in the West: A Woman’s Convenience

A couple of more quotes from literary documents supporting the thesis of my essay Le Voile en Occident here (en français).

She took those rooms for the pleasure of going there with her veil down, and imagining she was a heroine. She had a passion for secrecy, but she herself was merely a sphinx without a secret. (Oscar Wilde, The Sphinx Without a Secret)

Though it was midsummer Hetta entered the room with her veil down. She adjusted it as she followed Ruby up the stairs, moved by a sudden fear of her rival’s scrutiny. (Anthony Trollope, The Way We Live Now, 1875)

May I not ask you to lay aside your veil, so that we may look at each other fairly? (Ibid.)

The Veiled Lodger, in The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes (1927) by A. Conan Doyle: The lodger keeps her veil down at all times to spare people the sight of her scars.


‘A machine-like footman.’ (The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes) ‘Tis how a footman ought to be. Anything beyond machine-likeness would be obtrusive.

It is not being misanthropic to prefer being served by machines. Do not let the condition of our present feudal society think of yourselves as misanthropes.

Drop man from service. The habit of dealing with humans for purely monetary-functional transactions erodes our humaneness.

In terms of service Chinese dealers are closest to the perfection of the machine. This is why I patronize their businesses.

Amusement and recreation are necessary to relax from work; they are not leisure, which is an end in itself.

In Thomas More’s Utopia, the workday lasts six hours. But everybody works. Whereas, for Thomas Aquinas, the surplus of work for some (above, say, six hours) allows others to live a contemplative life (vita contemplativa) – in other words, a leisure life (See Sebastian de Grazia, Of Time, Work, and Leisure, 1962). It is this very notion of leisure life that has vanished from Western conscience, which disappearance makes the idea of the slavery of machines for the sake of living a leisure life sound quite… utopian.

Time-starved and as good as dead.

In our society many a man has no place intended to him as a man – only as manpower.

London subway, Dec. 24, 2014. A prerecorded female voice tells you to ‘alight here for the museums.’ But all museums are closed Dec. 24, 25, & 26 each year – you know why.

According to Marshall McLuhan, colonization has detribalized Africa through the introduction of the written medium. According to Cheikh Anta Diop, colonization has retribalized Africa, where great unified empires existed.

Old-fashioned vs mass-fashioned.

The great man’s mistakes are closer to the truth than the little man’s exactitude.

The craving for dignity, in a deterministic world, leads to absurd work ethics – to an unproductive show of make-feel-worthy.

On a plane with x-axis capacity and y-axis wealth I say we shall find a bell-shaped curve, because mediocre individuals are capacious enough to unite against the highly capacious and prevent them from competing. Not allowed to compete! [However, the main problem, as hinted above, is motivation – motivation obstacles. Competition is time-consuming and its rewards unlikely to compensate great minds for the time lost away from enjoying the company of other great minds through books, and their own inner dialogue, thinking, contemplation, leisure.]

According to Kant, it does not take intelligence to know one’s duty, i.e. the moral law, whereas it takes intelligence to thrive in the world, to be worldly wise. Kant thereby disqualifies this kind of self-serving smartness (Klugheit) as in no way being a noble virtue and in no way central in mankind’s calling. As to Schopenhauer, he considers true intelligence as unselfish, as he posits a trade-off between Wille (will) and Vorstellung (‘representation,’ insight). The genius is detached from nature’s pursuits, finding no higher enjoyment than his own insight at representing the world in his mind, that is, in his own genius.

Perverted into compliance.

What best characterizes the present age of information is that it’s not an information age.

There must be something wrong with the so-called ‘extraversion-dominance’ dimension of psychology (one of the Big Five), as the organization man must be both extraverted/other-oriented and dependent/submissive in his life as a hierarchical team worker. Or it shows the dramatic extent of the strain the organization exerts on our nature.

Cities are no less pestilent than villages. Yet in cities one’s relationships are limited to people one cares to see, whereas in villages one is expected to socialize with all other villagers; the pestilence of social life is thus transferred from interpersonal relationships to some holistic crowd effect, in which the injury comes from unknown passers-by.

Most pets are castrated, sterilized by their owners. Remember we are a domesticated species. A self-domesticated species.

Ubiquitous mass media pornography is externalized delectatio morosa.

Assignment: Carry out big-data survey on scholars’ writings in scientific journals compared to their published books in order to assess the extent of publishers and editors’ intervention in the latter.

The specialized scientist’s worldview is unbalanced. As his worldview manifests itself even in his work as a specialist, the specialist’s work itself is unbalanced. The cold objectivity of facts and figures, so much flaunted by the specialists, is imbalance.

The specialist is an unbalanced man. His activity is knowledge as toil. Toil is what unbalances man’s development. Leisure ensures the balanced development of man’s faculties.

Morals has been replaced by priming, but the latter does not escape the objections addressed to the former, as scientists inevitably sneak priming in their writings.

In developing countries the role of the importune beggar is played by the street peddler.

All men are equal’: the legal axiom defies science. It is based on purely moral grounds and at the same time the recognizance of this moral axiom as being the fundation of the civil compact has become, or is becoming, though history, universal. Literally it only means that ‘all men are equal before the law’ but the qualification is immaterial for that the law should treat as equals people who are unequal according to nature is at defiance with nature. Where is the scientific evidence that ‘all men are created equal’? By opposing the civil state to the state of nature, Hobbes stressed the necessary humbling of natural urges before the civil law for the maintenance of civil order and peace, which, in religious terms, compares to the humbling of the natural man before the law of God. As it imposes an absolute restraint on nature, the law may be called moral and any breach of compact is abhorrent to the moral law. The restraint is absolute in the sense that if one is free to contract with others in the way that best suits his own interest, he is not free to violate, in his interest, a contract. The latter is incompatible with civil order. A person caught in the act of breaking his word is not allowed any longer to pursue his interest until a sentence has been served.

If science primes us (psychologically) to indulge in tendencies that are being surmounted by progress, then science becomes an impediment to progress and will be left behind.

When work is through, status via work will be no option anymore.

What is the ultimate cause (vs proximate cause, i.e. sudden rush of air in the lungs or whatever) of human babies being the only species born crying?

Civilization means psychoticism because mass media conditions maladaptive sexuality, and the psychotics, according to H. Eysenck, are the least conditionable.

Admission of the naturalistic fallacy (the tendency to grant indicative statements the value of injonctions) implies that our aims are determined outside natural life. Darwinian theory, thus, gives no account of our aims, and Darwinists who warn against the naturalistic fallacy downgrade their own work and pursuit. And those among them who, like R. Thornhill, do the same while insisting on applying the experimental test to all propositions are inconsistent in the bargain.

I have a doubt on Ronald Fisher’s ultimate explanation of equal sex ratios. Fisher’s principle states that, when females are scarce, siring a male will be selected against as more males will not mate, and vice-versa. It is the vice-versa that disturbs me, because males are polygynous. ‘Whichever sex is in excess will have lower reproductive success, in average,’ yes: for two sexes having equal reproductive strategies…

I have a doubt also on some claims about parasites and evolution. Predators do not weed out the genetically slower individuals but those individuals that are made slower by parasites (for instance, susceptibility to predation is increased thirty times for infected fishes, according to one study). Being free from parasite indicates a better immune system, but I should think parasite infestation has a random dimension too: in some cases it depends on where the individual has been (the wrong place at the wrong time), what he has eaten, etc. If randomness is high, how can selection mechanisms, in the predator-prey interaction, generate adaptations?

The world is not within man’s reach – the world in the physical sense: stars and galaxies. Our thriving on a speck of dust lost in infinity cannot conceal its (our thriving’s) indecorum. We must leave room to a one better suited than us to explore and know the world: Der Geist.

Biology will become anecdotal because the most important for Der Geist will be to know Itself. In biology Der Geist will find what It is not, not what It is.

The profound meaning of political freedom is that political ideas do not matter in the least. The program will apply and Der Geist will awaken.

Subsidizing children amounts to a windfall. It is because children are one’s highest stakes in the system that governments subsidize reproductive success while burdening all other forms of success.

Crime novels are read by practical people who have no time and no patience for things remote from their self-interest. Not because these novels are easier to read – they are not – but because practical people always keep in a corner of their minds the more or less conscious idea that one day to kill someone will be necessary to safeguard their interests.

Lucretius’s ‘unalloyed empiricism’ (Milord Matt Ridley): yet the idea that the world is made of two things only, atoms and void, was not empirical but speculative.

In business they’re always talking about having ideas, but the ideas they have in business are of the kind a thinker would be ashamed to have.

How to pronounce the word ‘read’ when reading it is at times impossible to know before the end of the sentence.

It seems that scientific marketing has been so efficient that only those who underwent some religious conditioning (in part inconsistent with mass marketing) are now capable of being critical toward the current state of the society.

When I was young I was feeling a need for religious belief and I would see the scientist who lacked that need as a defective mind, same as I would see a man without sexual needs as unmanly.

I remember very well that when I used to be an avid reader of classic philosophy I couldn’t shift to more recent material without being highly disappointed by their content, I mean by the thinking evidenced in it. No matter how noted the authors were, Ivy League professors and all, they couldn’t rise any high in my estimation.

Love eternal: about the fourth or fifth time it comes in your life you start wondering. Women as transient objects of love eternal.

Google has decided they wanted to help you search things on the Web. So you start typing a name and their engine completes it, with the closest Hollywood star or soccer player, when you’re looking for a biologist… Am I the only one to think this will reinforce herd mentality?

Mexican film La sexorcista (Satánico Pandemonium) (1975) by Gilberto Martínez Solares takes place in a convent during Mexican colonial times (there are still black slaves, some of them escaping from slavery into convents and monasteries, where they are hardly treated better, and there is plague in the country too). Although the title is a bit of a ‘catcher,’ the film, about a nun falling into sin and consequently becoming a serial murderer is subtle and profound. Once one devotes her life to God in the way a Catholic nun does, that is, relinquishing the most demanding urges of nature, the slightest slip can lead one astray and into the deepest regions of despair and madness via a terrifying logic. If she loses in the slightest the firmness of her faith or faith in her firmness, and realizes in what grave she has buried herself alive, she becomes demented – a demon. Yet the apparences can be preserved, including through murder, and the horrible irony of the film is that by accepting to live in utter deception of others the criminal nun is offered the highest honors, the leadership of her community, whereas the confession of her crimes would have brought her into the hands of the Inquisition and to death after atrocious abuses. It is made plain, however, that her reward will corrupt the whole community and beyond: under the guise of devotion and unbeknownst to them, the believers will be paying honor to Satan, into whose sheep they have been turned.


‘Israel does not suffer from rape’


About the fantastic claim that Israel does not suffer from rape (made by Tobias Langdon, in his essay Fake Jews: Deceit and Double-Think in Britain’s Hostile Elite, Unz Review online, May 16, 2017)

According to Tobias Langdon, as an ethnostate Israel’s blessings include Israeli women’s being spared from rape.

According to A Natural History of Rape (2000) by Randy Thornhill and Craig Palmer, rape is at least two different things, 1/rape by a sexual predator (his victims being unknown to him), 2/rape by a relative (including incest on children) or by a known person, that is date rape; and the second category is the commonest by far – very far. Yet rape by migrants is of the sexual-predator category.

(I also believe that the first category has always been more reported than the second one, and if it is found that a statistical increase in rape is due in part to more victims reporting, we will also find that this reporting concerns in large part family or date rapes.)

Rape, being a sensitive issue, comes handy for propaganda. Shock value of violent murders and rapes can cloud the reasoning and then one would swallow anything unsupported by statistics. And I don’t find statistics as much as shock-value cases in anti-migrant internet literature.

As to the fantastic claim that ‘ethnostate’ Israel ‘doesn’t suffer from this crime’ (rape) as she does not allow third-world immigration, it is preposterous, on three counts:

1/The claim assumes that family and date rape does not exist in Israel.

2/That there is no third-world immigration in Israel is not true, as Black Ethiopians and other third-world nationalities have immigrated to and settled in Israel.

To be sure, the numbers of Black people and third-world immigration in Israel may be considered negligible. But as Langdon notes, there are 20 percent non-Jewish Arabs with Israeli (however second-class) citizenship: hardly an ethnostate! Israel is not as ‘sane’ as Langdon likes to, perhaps craves to believe.

3/& finally rape rates in Israel are said to be rather high. [There are problems with international rape statistics, however. For instance, in the article here (wonderslist) about ‘Top 10 Countries With Maximum Rape Crime,’ I can see no reason why Canada has 14 times (!) more sex assaults than similar country USA. Canada: 460,000 assaults each year for a population of 36M =1277 per lakh; USA: 293,000 assaults/year for a pop. of 323M =90.7 per lakh…]

Tobias Langdon is one case of delusional thinking about Israel, combined with an ingrained repulsion toward colored people – that same repulsion that led one of my Twitter contenders to make, in the heat of an exchange, the fantastically preposterous claim that all rapists in Israel are Blacks (see Tweet Anthology 2 here).


Nor was ever the U.S. an ethnostate, as the economy of the South was based on slavery (on the paper, however, it could be said it was, yes, as slaves were not citizens). Neither slavery America nor apartheid Israel are ethnostates. Both are exploitative caste states.

Of course, that ruthless exploitation could be a political aim is not considered proper today, except perhaps to the most unabashed supremacists. For all others, an unarticulated desire to enslave a whole class of people in order to make one’s own life easier would translate as a perceived need, an actual anxiety to defend one’s civilization – where there’s nothing to defend but a heritage of exploitation and misery for the greater number.

It is because of the earnest possibility of such a collective desire for enslavement and exploitation that academia tends to reject IQ studies, as inferior IQs would be deemed a sufficient reason to enslave, say, the Blacks, however shocking this is to our moral sense. Liberals are often snubbed as moralists, but morality is no more to be dismissed from the fabric of man than are man’s lower instincts.

If there exist statistics that demonstrate high rate crimes of Black and other people of color, then I’d like to see them. What some are wont of doing on the internet is tweeting shocking cases of rape and murder, say once every week or two, when heinous crimes happen in the U.S. alone at the rate of dozens a day. So as these highly motivated militants can’t bring more than such numbers of cases to my attention, then I say to myself, wait, I am deeply nauseated by these Black on White crimes, but what about the figures now? Again, if there are figures…

The figure I know is Black inmates in American prisons. There’s no reason to suppose, like many liberals, that this high percentage is per se a proof of racism in American society rather than, say, the criminal nature of the Black man, as the opponents of those liberals would have it. Once this is being said, I have heard that the greater part of these inmates have been sentenced for drugs and I think that changes everything, because even if that might prove one of the Black man’s natural tendencies, I wouldn’t exclude that Blacks are being targeted on purpose by pushers having all the means of scientific marketing at their disposal, especially knowing that they are working in prison, that is, are just like the slaves of old and just like the Black peons of the Jim Crow regime (where they were not allowed to diversify their crops, to take just one instance). This is a pattern.


Singled Out

Some thoughts after reading Singled Out: How Singles Are Stereotyped, Stigmatized, and Ignored, and Still Live Happily Ever After (2006) by Bella DePaulo, PhD.


For a ultimate cause of ‘matrimania’ (marriage mania), I’d be tempted to look into evolutionary psychology. Bella DePaulo uses a meaningful phrase: ‘intensive coupling,’ or ‘intensive nuclearity,’ and I think it is key to understanding matrimania. Intensive coupling is the current form of mate guarding. Women’s emancipation has made it necessary that both partners couple more intensely than ever in the past, when the relative social isolation of the woman would guarantee some stability to the couple, as mate poaching would be obstructed by women’s reclusion and minority status.

The corollary of intensive coupling is the emotional value attached to coupling, which, as DePaulo observes, has not always been so exclusive in the past. Another corollary is the delusions she describes under the word ‘singlism.’

What she says about the fifties in America (‘Consider … the Americans who were newly wedded in 1956. No Americans on record married at a younger age than they did, before or since. Half the 1956 grooms had not yet reached the age of 22.5, and half the brides were 20 or younger’) also triggered various reminiscences. I see the American fifties as an era of profound change marked by ‘hidden persuaders’ (Vance Packard), ‘affluence,’ ‘reversed sequence’ and the rise of the ‘technostructure’ (Galbraith), ‘managerialism’ (Burnham), and I am led to hypothesize the intervention of  technocratic power (more efficient than that of churches!) in normalizing marriage in the American society. There may have been two incentives in that direction for these technocratic ‘persuaders.’ One is social control, as by and large single males would be seen as sexual predators and single females as feebly-inhibited nomads (from eugenicist Charles Davenport – and my understanding is that eugenics was still okay at the time). The other is consumption at the levels required by the newly achieved affluence. DePaulo stresses the response already made to Japanese scholar Masahiro Yamada’s contention that ‘single parasites’ consume less, yet I am not quite convinced that singles consume as much as couples; data should not be too hard to find on that score.

Yamada’s indictment of singles based on their consumption patterns or consumption levels is revealing of a tendency of capitalist societies toward ‘democratorship’ (from German Demokratur: Demokratie-Diktatur).


Evolutionary psychology postulates that we are replication machines for our genes (Dawkins): the goal of life is reproduction. EP scholars insist that the phrase ‘struggle for life’ is actually a misnomer, since survival is in fact at the service of reproduction. The phrase ‘reproductive success’ is key to their understanding of social relations. Now, as DePaulo says, some singles have children (and more and more people with children are singles); but this is still a way to maximize/optimize one’s reproductive success, if one’s partner turns out to be abusive, violent &c. She underlines that many singles and their children are better off single than in pair. But then they are in a typical EP pattern, whereas childless singles are not, and are rather, in that view, well, if the former are successes, then the latter are – the contrary of successes (and unhappy).

One EP scholar (Kanazawa) has come with an ‘intelligence paradox,’ trying to explain why intelligent people tend to commit ‘the greatest crime against nature’ (in his own words), namely voluntarily not to reproduce. Having read his book, in fact I can say this doesn’t even describe intelligent men by and large, only (or more likely) intelligent women. Still, in one other book (Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters, 2007, Kanazawa & Miller), he points to a productivity peak for scholars happening later in life in the case of singles than in the case of marrieds. He sees it as a confirmation of the EP view that once you reproduce you’ve done what you were called for in this life (by your genes) and you now concentrate on giving your children the opportunities to reproduce in the best conditions in their turn.

For a more thorough discussion of Kanazawa’s intelligence paradox, see here.


With Singled Out, Bella DePaulo almost made me think good of Oprah Winfrey (I can’t say I know Oprah Winfrey well, it’s just I have no warm notions of TV personalities generally speaking). But I have just been reading she is involved with a cult called A Course in Miracles (a course allegedly dictated by Jesus to a female medium, starting in 1965) and has put her large notoriety at its service. No doubt this has contributed mightily to the cult’s affairs.

In Order by Accident (2000), Miller & Kanazawa claim that, faced with unemployment, women evidence a tendency to join cults. I am pretty sure that cult membership also counts singles in larger proportions.


DePaulo sends a pique to those Americans who see themselves as adventurous and yet dare not go alone at the restaurant. Well observed!

In my experience, in restaurants that ambition to be fashionable, service to singles is extremely poor and as customers abandon themselves to the goodwill of the waiters the experience can be quite unpleasant. It’s as if these restaurants have an anti-single policy that they implement through bad service. They do their best to spare their ‘normal,’ or ideal, paired customers the inconvenience of being seated near a single – looser by definition in the dictionary of singlism.

Alternately, it may be no policy from the management but come from the staff themselves. As union is strength, waiters might hesitate to be inconsiderate and mean to pairs, while it’s fair game with singles, and they release it! If the waiter intends to be mean with a pair, Madame will insult him in soft voice while talking to Monsieur and making sure the waiter hears and his pride is hurt, while the single remains silent, doesn’t even whisper, because then they’re looked upon as having bats in the belfry.

Try the burger parlor.

July 2017

Tweet Anthology

This is an anthology of my tweets from September to December 2016. Feel free to follow me on Twitter: @florboucharel.

When one of my tweets is actually a reply to another tweet, which content is needed for a good understanding, the preceding tweet is in italics. I name the author when this is relevant, either because the person is known or the source is another media. My tweet then follows below it.

Don’t be surprised, if you count characters, to see that some of the tweets are longer than the 140 characters allowed on Twitter: I have rewritten a few of them in accordance to standard spelling (no abbreviations left).

September 2016

Automated jobs aren’t coming back. What’s going to take their place?

A leisure shock… and some won’t survive it.


Leisure Shrine. From oil rent to robot rent: A new economic strategy for Gulf States to prevent toil shock.


Most absurd: Corporate bureaucracies on social networks, rigidly unilateral, pretending to be interactive.


Looks like humanities majors are the college grads taking the “non-college” jobs.

Yet companies are STILL interested in recruiting humanities majors. (They’ve been saying that for the last 50 years.)


Adidas releases images of the shoes that will be made in its super automated “speedfactory.”

The end of China’s ascent?


Automating the Gulf: “Robots are no Shiites, alhamdulillah.”


Hawking: “AI could spell end of human race.” Oscar Wilde: “The only thing one really knows about human nature is that it changes.”


Heard that, Trump supporters: Donald wants America to look more like Dubai.

The only interesting idea in this campaign trail so far.


Brexit. Self-fulfilling prophecies & self-filled prophets. Vide Dali, Young virgin auto-sodomized by the horns of her own chastity.


JASTA. Just Another Stupid Thing from America.


Chancellor Cantor on @Rutgers_Newark students: “I’m spending my time with the future of this country and this world.”



JASTA aka jestA, Just Another Silly Thingummy from America.


JASTA. Brotha, when you take commercial airplanes in your face, you should know it’s no time for jasting.

October 2016

Everyone should do what they can to insure Hillary’s win. Any disagreements are pale compared to the alternative. (Dr David S. Wilson)

What happens to the grades of those of your students who do not dislike Trump, I wonder… Regards.

Stupid innuendo based on no information. Can you stoop any lower?

Based on elementary psychology.


Trumpbashing. Scholars in election fuss: Students taken hostages.


Job Outsourcing by Multinationals. Everybody knows… but nobody knows who.


John Podesta made a characteristically bourgeois jab at Assange (‘’I bet the lobster risotto is better than the food at the Ecuadorian Embassy.’’)

Derogatory comments on Ecuadorian cuisine are odious hate speech.

After election: How does the risotto taste now, John Podesta?


Clinton Foundation extorts $1m from Qatar for being a military dwarf.


It reminds me of the comments before Brexit. They all “knew”… Such experts… Are they friends of yours?


To all commentators of American elections: Are Brexit commentators friends of yours?


To the brainwashed: Vote Hillary Clinton.


Please support the “Preserve Endangered Saudi Way of Life” campaign.



From Brexit to Election 2016. To those who see Donald Trump as dead man walking: Don’t tell me Brexit commentators are your mentors!

Brexit has proved intelligentsia is moron-entsia. They fail to deliver.

“It won’t pass” was the word until the very morning of June 24. To a man. Do you realize?


After Brexit the word was “UK’s economy will crash.” To a man. And now: Two banks cancel Brexit recession forecasts (Financial Times).


To the brainwashed: Vote Hillary Clinton.


Experts as Failures: From Brexit to Election 2016. [That was before the results and it has turned true, hasn’t it?]


“My dream is a hemispheric common market.” (Hillary Clinton) Does it include Russia?


A reminder to the brainwashed: Vote Hillary Clinton.


Brexit is a shame… upon “analysts” – who saw nothing coming and now keep silent about their resounding failure. Next: Election 2016.


No To Show Girls.

Saudi Arabia spearheads movement against commercial exploitation of women. Thumb up.


People who bet are losers to begin with. As a meritocrat you should know that [to Dr Erik Brynjolfson, who regularly gave his followers the odds of Trump winning Election 2016. If I remember well, Trump’s odds never rose above 20 or 25 per cent.]

What is the merit of making one’s fortune on a bet, that is, on luck?


Audience in Charlotte gives Trump a standing ovation when he says if companies like Ford ship out jobs, he’d pick up phone.

The way for DonaldTrump to really know about such moves as president is to adopt Senator Gary Peters’s outsourcing accountability bill. [For more on that bill, see here.]


Your staff [Julian Assange] has retweeted an article in French saying Wikileaks publishes “stolen” docs. I thought you had a line on word use. Regards. [No reply but the tweet was removed.]


Hollywood has eyes for Snowden only. Not for Julian Assange. Any idea why?

November 2016

I donated 100 euros to Wikileaks through Wau-Stiftung via PayPal but got no thanks nor feedback. Off-putting.


Watch Donna Brazile’s remake of the Bloods vs the Cribs. She’s one of the Cribs.


Clinton Foundation extorts $28m from Morocco for being a military dwarf.


Funniest b-movie ever: Dr Clinton and Mrs Riggs.


Doonald (دونالد) like Doonald from MakDoonaldz (ماكدونالدز).



About Podesta mail “Bernie needs to be ground to a pulp. . . . Crush him as hard as you can.” (Wikileaks)

It’s only politicos’ crappy backroom rethoric. Nonsubject.


Is media buzz on Twitter’s financial situation a concerted operation against Wikileaks, shying people away from leaks exposure?


I suggest Clinton Foundation may benefit privately from the American military shield to these countries [Qatar, Morocco, &c].


If these polls are based on interviews, given media Trumpbashing many people must be reluctant to say they will vote Trump. But they will. [And they did.]


Eh, Conservatives, stop boasting of your marital status and children. It’s boasting.


Californians, we have to stand up and protect our plastic bag ban. Vote Yes on 67! (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nov. 7)

Presidential elections are so boring!


Many say they wanna go to Canada. Let them spend one winter there. They’ll come back, or live on their yachts, like sea vagrants.


A reaction to a tweet alleging that the media wanted Trump to win and made him win:

If the media did, it did it in a very very oblique way, like they knew insulting someone would get them elected.


Obama’s Kill List

They had a man on their kill list, sent a drone attaking his car, the man was not alone in the car, they all died.

The kill list means the man on the list plus any person crazy enough to take a ride with him (even hitchers).

So let us know the people on the kill list so we can save our lives.


HRC got 89% of Black vote, 71% of Jewish vote, 63% of Hispanic vote, 55% of Asian vote, 40% of White vote (including Jewish vote).

Don’t forget historic volumes of dead, inelligible, & duplicate votes… clinton won a 100% of those!

May the dead rest in peace now.

Given 1/20 Jews (and some Arabs) among Whites in U.S., this 40% White vote makes a maximum of 36.5% “Wasp” vote for HRC.

At about 65% for Trump, Wasp vote (although that includes Catholics and others) is clearly becoming communautarist in U.S.


Last December, Boris Johnson said, “The only reason I wouldn’t go to some parts of New York is the real risk of meeting Donald Trump.” (Richard Dawkins)

Why, he goes to the same places as billionaire Trump!


Newsweek recalls 125000 copies of its magazine whose cover shows Clinton winning the US presidential election.

Don’t blame them: They did all that to avoid totalitarianism in U.S. (Kidding.)


Big Brother Julian is watching you. Don’t mess around with the future for the sake of present vested interests.

Big Brother Julian is watching you. Anything to hide? Don’t even think of it.


As Trump Leaves Press Behind for Steak Dinner …the press that vilified him whines. (James Woods)

Don’t go out for a steak without throwing bones to journalists.

Donald Trump prefers his steak well down AKA the worst possible way. (The Huffington Post)

And how do you like the bones, journalists?


Thank you for coming to see us! We hope you enjoyed your visit as much as we enjoyed showing your our new museum galleries, Arnold Schwarzenegger! (Richard Nixon Library)

I always hated that the justice warriors of those days called themselves Deep Throat, boasting their equities in porn.


Politico Editor RESIGNS After Publishing Home Addresses Of Alt-Right Icon R. Spencer, Advocating For ‘Baseball Bats.’ (Kevin MacDonald)

He’s got baseball bats in the belfry.


To Richard Dawkins: The reason U.S. is so strong in science is the freedom the people there have not to believe in it.


As about all other media were sycophants for the other candidate, Wikileaks is part of checks and balances, I guess.

Make no mistake, what’s “wrong” with Wikileaks is not that it advanced the fortunes of a candidate, but of the wrong one.

Wikileaks should acknowledge that it did its best to undermine HRC’s candidacy. And that it worked mighty well.


Montebourg as minister wanted to induce companies to relocalize in France with subsidies to automatize.

Relocalizing is not necessarily about jobs, it can be about productivity.


Meet Lakshmi, the banking robot from Chennai.

We now know banking can be made by robots. The sooner robots replace bankers the better. My heartfelt thanks to Lakshmi! [Of course I’m joking, Lakshmi only replies to customers’s queries at your local branch. And yet…]


Israel’s ‘Helicopter #Drone Gift’ to #Russia makes USA uneasy. Fearing exposing of its technology, USA demands explanation from Israel. (Newscast Pratashya)

Explanation may be the drone was U.S.’s gift to Israel to begin with, so USA might as well demand explanations to themselves.


We cannot afford to lose the war on poverty.

We’ve afforded it all right for the last couple of million years.


‘Meme’ is a useless word (see Randy Thornhill). Or it only means: a word as its occurrence is quantified on WWW.

December 2016

I published classic poetry and threw my free-verse poetry & now I’m appalled because I may have been successful with the latter.

I wouldn’t have minded success from my free-verse poetry…

…but I burnt it all… for the sake of what I would call an ideology of classicism.


I wish the Chinese had taken my job away.


“Dutch Disease”: When oil/gas abounds, manufacture declines. People just hate working.

Robotics is like oil: a ‘Dutch disease.’ & contrary to oil it is here to stay.


Merkel says ‘only right’ to expect multinationals to pay taxes. (Saudi Gazette)

It’s more common to give them tax breaks so they invest in your country. What can Merkel do about that? Nuffin, poor thing.


There are 3.5 million cashier jobs in the United States.

And many of them are discourteous whereas machines are always polite.

Many cashiers are discourteous whereas machines are always polite. Have you noticed?

I see there’s an issue with manners & eye-rolling. The solution: Machines.


Civil servants are human “expert systems.” We don’t need them anymore.


Retweet if you think Gen. Mattis must keep his bags under the eyes and not have them removed them surgically like so many others.

He’s got the bags under the eyes for the job.


BMW’s current campaign is about “driving pleasure,” but it’s soon over. With the ascent of self-driving cars we won’t let people drive, it’s too dangerous.

Self-driving cars will put an end to traffic death toll, on the proviso that men stop driving altogether.


Yesterday they were saying: “Obama POTUS is the account with most followers on Twitter.” Today…

…they say: “What’s that President who thinks like tweeting?!”


How does he have time for a radio show, golf, touring AND doing all these interviews?! Heck, we’re not complaining! (Nights with Alice) [About Night with Alice: ”Top-notch classic rock radio show hosted by THE Alice Cooper”]

Golf is decadent. [Through all his career, Alice Cooper was called by some a decadent. Now he is playing golf, that was overlooking the one-man moral lobby that I am, for which it is golf that is decadent.]


Tourists disappointed as strike closes Eiffel Tower for second day.

French office of tourism has issued an apology: “To all kind foreigners who’re visiting us: Pucker up, you can kiss my a**’’

EiffelTower goes dark in solidarity with people of Aleppo. (Saudi Gazette)

The personnel at Eiffel Tower have been on strike (cf one of your earlier tweets). Maybe they cut the power too?


Mexico uncovers tunnels leading to US. (Bangkok Post)

This is a reminder for Donald Trump to build the wall, all right, but deep enough.

And I mean real deep, like you can’t go deeper without being dipped in the melted core of the earth.

After that, to detect illegals check if they’ve got bottoms like baboons’.


Are we talking about the same cyberattack where it was revealed that head of the DNC illegally gave Hillary the questions to the debate? (Donald Trump)

Donna Brazile was the cheating crib.

At school they told me cribs are bad. I wish I’d never listened to them coz I’d be candidate to U.S. elections by now.