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Declassified (tweetanthology 7)

August 2017

Hundreds of pages (742 to be precise) of FBI declassified documents about Hitler living in Argentina after the war! here (Part 01 of 04)

I’ve always heard that those who speculate about Hitler living in Argentina after the war are nuts. Turns out the FBI are the most nuts of all.


Republicans are good at starting wars, Democrats at continuing them.


Biased against celibacy as Anglo-Saxon culture is, it can’t prevent that some men don’t marry (because of sterile prostitutes and serial marriage).

[I don’t know but I don’t take for granted that prostitutes serve singles more than they serve married men, as some (married men) claim.]


‘’Hitler massacred 3 million Jews… there are 3 million drugs addicts. I’d be happy to slaughter them.’’ (Rodrigo Duterte, President of the Philippines)

3 million? In my nephew’s textbook, it’s 6 million.

Duterte shrinks by half the number of Jewish victims of the Holocaust found in textbooks. That makes him a criminal according to French law. #negationism


Proposed removal of statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee
and right-wing protest

Retweet (RT) if you want to see all statues and monuments to Napoleon in France removed. (He re-established slavery in all French colonies after it had been abolished in 1794 and in Haiti after the slaves’ revolt led by Toussaint Louverture.)

RT hard if you want to see all churches removed because of forced conversions and Inquisition.

RT if you want to have the passages justifying slavery removed from the Old Testament.

Give these rightwingers a break: they’re telling you they only want the same as Israel.

Roman Colosseum must be torn down. It was built by slaves and used to glorify fascist emperors. (SpiritOf1642)

The Wailing Wall must be torn down: Jerusalem Temple was built by slaves for a Jewish fascist king. I’ll quote the Bible on demand.

Make no mistake: the wailing at the Wailing Wall isn’t in memory of the slaves who died building the temple.

I really do think it’s time to rename Washington, DC. Perhaps Lincoln, DC? (Salvatore Babones)

Let’s be bold: Obama, DC. Yes we can.

Campuses, cities reject far right after deadly Charlottesville rally. (Al Jazeera News)

You’re wrong, they don’t reject Israel. At all.


Barcelona Terror Attacks

Sickened by horrific terror attack in Barcelona. U.S. will work w/ allies to find those responsible & bring to justice. Praying for victims. (Vice President Pence)

Subscribe to our package and send your AI prayers to Barcelona Attack victims and all future victims. #Business

#Cambrils. To think that such a prestigious center of knowledge and culture has been hit by barbarity! #UniversityOfCambrils

The dean of Cambrils University asks me to forward her prayers.


Officers Cleared After Subjecting Black College Student to Body Cavity Search, What Her Lawyer Calls ‘Rape by Cop’ (Know Your Rights Camp)

This piece of news is arousing… I mean… anger-arousing.

Soon in the dictionary: “searchfisting.” Example: The male cops searchfisted Charnesia for dope.


The U.S. won’t legalize drugs because it then would have much fewer Afro-American inmates (working for peanuts) and many more Afro-American millionaires.


Crimea’s Muslim Tatars allege systematic Russian oppression (Al Jazeera News)

After centuries of being “cossacked,” the word (from Cossacks) meaning being raped and put to the sword by the czar’s cavalrymen.

Stalin’s genocide of Crimean and Caucasian Muslims after WWII is being denied in Russia and the West. #negationism


Turkey lowers age of consent to 12 years old! [This tweet, by a British user inclined toward nationalism, generated the customary flood of outraged, Islamophobic reactions that its author had intended.]

For your information, it’s legal in Westerm countries for kids to have sex, provided both partners are kids.

[In France, for instance, the law formally allows minors between 15 and 18 to have sex with other minors and/or with adults – unless the adult has authority over the minor… Besides, the law formally forbids sexual intercourse between an adult and a minor younger than 15. However, the law says nothing about two minors less than 15 or two minors of whom one is younger than 15 and the other is from 15 to 18, for example a 17 year-old and a 12 year-old, and thus commentators assume intercourse is legal (by virtue of the principle nulla pœna sine lege). As you can see, the law is rather intricate, and I’m not quite sure it makes any sense at all.]


The fascist left hates life, hates children and hates God. Survival is victory.

Listening to WASP conservatives you’d swear Jesus was married with children.


LSD is a specific cure for homosexuality” (Dr Timothy ‘High Priest’ Leary). Why not make LSD mandatory, then?

[To be fair, Leary also wrote the following, in the same book, at that: “Homosexuality is not an illness. It is a religious way of life. Homosexuals should accept their state as a religious path.” But “Homosexuals cannot join heterosexual clans.” (The Politics of Ecstasy) To be fair again, this book is a collection of essays, interviews etc. from various years. The first quotation is from 1966, the second from an undated chapter. Yet, it hardly brushes the feeling aside that Leary wasn’t overconcerned with his saying everything and its contrary. Like all good ‘high priests,’ I guess.]


There’s one mention of Jews in Uncle Tom’s Cabin, in the mouth of St. Clare, an amiable character, and it reads as follows: “Why, what’s the matter? said he. Can’t you take my word? One would think you had taken lessons of the Jews, coming at a fellow so!” Chap. 28


Implicit association tests (IAT) show that blacks prefer white over black, and priming blacks for ethnicity impairs their mental test performances. Apply the same research protocol to the relationship between Jewish and non-Jewish whites. Now.

[My source here is Robert Trivers, The Folly of Fools: The Logic of Deceit and Self-Deception in Human Life, 2011: “Black and white people are similar in their explicit tendency to value self over other, blacks indeed somewhat more strongly so. But when it comes to the implicit measures, whites respond even more strongly in their own favor than they do explicitly, while blacks – on average – prefer white over black, not by a huge margin but, nevertheless, they prefer other than self. This is most unexpected from an evolutionary perspective, where self is the beginning (if not the end) of self-interest. … This has the earmarks of an imposed self-deception – valuing yourself less than you do others – and it probably comes with some negative consequences. For example, priming blacks studentss for their ethnicity strongly impairs their performance on mental tests.“]


Did you know that ‘journalists’ are so cretinous they have launched 420k pages saying I live in a ‘cupboard’ and 261k in a ‘basement’? (Julian Assange)

Drop the inverted commas for journalists. We already know that journalists are beautiful in fairy tales.

Make America Neo-McCarthyite Again: ‘liberal’ censorship quest continues. (Julian Assange)

By writing ‘liberal,’ in inverted commas, you reinforce people in adhering to each and every scoundrel who calls herself a liberal.

[In reply to Assange’s tweet] The censorship surge is not a “liberal” thing, contrary to all the altreich twists. So-called Conservatives have long been worse censors. (“Dr Roy Schestowitz”)

The surge is ‘liberal’. Conservatives, with few exceptions, have always opposed free speech, although there is some support now in reaction. (Julian Assange)

That freedom which you, the intellectual, the liberal, would deny to others.” Timothy Leary in 1963. The surge is kinda old…

Please note that Leary didn’t bother to write liberal in inverted commas.


It’s time to talk about Trump’s mental health (Washington Post)

But you already did, don’t you remember?


It is not for the state to prosecute nasty online trolls.

Nasty yourself! It’s none of your business if I want to be prosecuted.

[A reply by a Briton to the above headline] Agree. The penalty for being an arse online should be that everyone thinks you’re an arse.

Like with Rudyard Kipling. Everybody outside Britain knows he’s an arse.


Why is it easier for cops to infiltrate neo-Nazi beerdrinkers than Jihadist teetotalers?

For every Jihadist terror attack committed, the police have prevented ten neo-Nazi attacks. Do not look at the delayed trains only [as there also are trains which arrive on time. As the saying goes in France, where railway companies are still state-owned and state-managed].


And now what you’re all waiting for!

The Hashtag Games


So f*ck me God

His Assholiness Popeye Francis

Ziegheil Follies

Yes We Kahn



How I’ll Do the Job




She had lost a leg in World War One.

She had nice flaxen blonde hair but I got fed up with kissing her denture off her mouth.

She was hit by a hit-and-run car before my eyes and died, so I guess we had to say goodbye.

She wasn’t Jewish enough for my ambition.

She had lied about her father’s wealth.

She thought she was a good catch but I only wanted her money. It was breaking my heart.

Her Dem father wasn’t reelected so I dated the Rep’s daughter instead.

I had needed a black girlfriend to get some new acquaintances but then she took things a little too seriously.

She refused to sell her body.

Her father refused to replenish her bank account.

Once our dating had introduced me to the higher circles in which she had rather low status, she was standing in my way.

She was too shocked when she found out that far from being devout I only was a lecher who had had it all with her.

I got promoted and my new female colleagues are just more interesting.



I had stopped visiting prostitutes.






Tweet Anthology

This is an anthology of my tweets from September to December 2016. Feel free to follow me on Twitter: @florboucharel.

When one of my tweets is actually a reply to another tweet, which content is needed for a good understanding, the preceding tweet is in italics. I name the author when this is relevant, either because the person is known or the source is another media. My tweet then follows below it.

Don’t be surprised, if you count characters, to see that some of the tweets are longer than the 140 characters allowed on Twitter: I have rewritten a few of them in accordance to standard spelling (no abbreviations left).

September 2016

Automated jobs aren’t coming back. What’s going to take their place?

A leisure shock… and some won’t survive it.


Leisure Shrine. From oil rent to robot rent: A new economic strategy for Gulf States to prevent toil shock.


Most absurd: Corporate bureaucracies on social networks, rigidly unilateral, pretending to be interactive.


Looks like humanities majors are the college grads taking the “non-college” jobs.

Yet companies are STILL interested in recruiting humanities majors. (They’ve been saying that for the last 50 years.)


Adidas releases images of the shoes that will be made in its super automated “speedfactory.”

The end of China’s ascent?


Automating the Gulf: “Robots are no Shiites, alhamdulillah.”


Hawking: “AI could spell end of human race.” Oscar Wilde: “The only thing one really knows about human nature is that it changes.”


Heard that, Trump supporters: Donald wants America to look more like Dubai.

The only interesting idea in this campaign trail so far.


Brexit. Self-fulfilling prophecies & self-filled prophets. Vide Dali, Young virgin auto-sodomized by the horns of her own chastity.


JASTA. Just Another Stupid Thing from America.


Chancellor Cantor on @Rutgers_Newark students: “I’m spending my time with the future of this country and this world.”



JASTA aka jestA, Just Another Silly Thingummy from America.


JASTA. Brotha, when you take commercial airplanes in your face, you should know it’s no time for jasting.

October 2016

Everyone should do what they can to insure Hillary’s win. Any disagreements are pale compared to the alternative. (Dr David S. Wilson)

What happens to the grades of those of your students who do not dislike Trump, I wonder… Regards.

Stupid innuendo based on no information. Can you stoop any lower?

Based on elementary psychology.


Trumpbashing. Scholars in election fuss: Students taken hostages.


Job Outsourcing by Multinationals. Everybody knows… but nobody knows who.


John Podesta made a characteristically bourgeois jab at Assange (‘’I bet the lobster risotto is better than the food at the Ecuadorian Embassy.’’)

It is well known in France that Daniel Boulud’s risotto is dog food.

Derogatory comments on Ecuadorian cuisine are odious hate speech.

By insulting Ecuadorian cuisine, John Podesta has insulted the whole Hispanic and Amerindian world.

After the election and Trump’s victory: How does the risotto taste now, John Podesta?


Clinton Foundation extorts $1m from Qatar for being a military dwarf.


It reminds me of the comments before Brexit. They all “knew”… Such experts… Are they friends of yours?


To all commentators of American elections: Are Brexit commentators friends of yours?


To the brainwashed: Vote Hillary Clinton.


Please support “Preserve Endangered Saudi Way of Life” campaign.



From Brexit to Election 2016. To those who see Donald Trump as dead man walking: Don’t tell me Brexit commentators are your mentors!

Brexit has proved intelligentsia is moron-entsia. They fail to deliver.

“It won’t pass” was the word until the very morning of June 24. To a man. Do you realize?


After Brexit the word was “UK’s economy will crash.” To a man. And now: Two banks cancel Brexit recession forecasts (Financial Times).


To the brainwashed: Vote Hillary Clinton.


Experts as Failures: From Brexit to Election 2016. [That was before the results and it has turned true, hasn’t it?]


“My dream is a hemispheric common market.” (Hillary Clinton) Does it include Russia?


A reminder to the brainwashed: Vote Hillary Clinton.


Brexit is a shame… upon “analysts” – who saw nothing coming and now keep silent about their resounding failure. Next: Election 2016.


No To Show Girls.

Saudi Arabia spearheads movement against commercial exploitation of women. Thumb up.


People who bet are losers to begin with. As a meritocrat you should know that [to Dr Erik Brynjolfson, who regularly gave his followers the odds of Trump winning Election 2016. If I remember well, Trump’s odds never rose above 20 or 25 per cent.]

What is the merit of making one’s fortune on a bet, that is, on luck?


Audience in Charlotte gives Trump a standing ovation when he says if companies like Ford ship out jobs, he’d pick up phone.

The way for DonaldTrump to really know about such moves as president is to adopt Senator Gary Peters’s outsourcing accountability bill. [For more on that bill, see here.]


Your staff [Julian Assange] has retweeted an article in French saying Wikileaks publishes “stolen” docs. I thought you had a line on word use. Regards. [No reply but the tweet was removed.]


Hollywood has eyes for Snowden only. Not for you [Julian Assange]. Any idea why?


Donald Trump-Qatar Airways deal: Good agreements make good friends.


November 2016

I donated 100 euros to Wikileaks through Wau-Stiftung via PayPal but got no thanks nor feedback. Off-putting.


Watch Donna Brazile’s remake of the Bloods vs the Cribs. She’s one of the Cribs.


Clinton Foundation extorts $28m from Morocco for being a military dwarf.


Funniest b-movie ever: Dr Clinton and Mrs Riggs.


Doonald (دونالد) like Doonald from MakDoonaldz (ماكدونالدز).



About Podesta mail “Bernie needs to be ground to a pulp. . . . Crush him as hard as you can.” (Wikileaks)

It’s only politicos’ crappy backroom rethoric. Nonsubject.


Is media buzz on Twitter’s financial situation a concerted operation against Wikileaks, shying people away from leaks exposure?


I suggest Clinton Foundation may benefit privately from the American military shield to these countries [Qatar, Morocco, &c].


If these polls are based on interviews, given media Trumpbashing many people must be reluctant to say they will vote Trump. But they will. [And they did.]


Eh, Conservatives, stop boasting of your marital status and children. It’s boasting.


Californians, we have to stand up and protect our plastic bag ban. Vote Yes on 67! (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nov. 7)

Presidential elections are so boring!


Many say they wanna go to Canada. Let them spend one winter there. They’ll come back, or live on their yachts, like sea vagrants.


A reaction to a tweet alleging that the media wanted Trump to win and made him win:

If the media did, it did it in a very very oblique way, like they knew insulting someone would get them elected.


Obama’s Kill List

They had a man on their kill list, sent a drone attaking his car, the man was not alone in the car, they all died.

The kill list means the man on the list plus any person crazy enough to take a ride with him (even hitchers).

So let us know the people on the kill list so we can save our lives.


HRC got 89% of Black vote, 71% of Jewish vote, 63% of Hispanic vote, 55% of Asian vote, 40% of White vote (including Jewish vote).

Don’t forget historic volumes of dead, inelligible, & duplicate votes… clinton won a 100% of those!

May the dead rest in peace now.

Given 1/20 Jews (and some Arabs) among Whites in U.S., this 40% White vote makes a maximum of 36.5% “Wasp” vote for HRC.

At about 65% for Trump, Wasp vote (although that includes Catholics and others) is clearly becoming communautarist in U.S.


Last December, Boris Johnson said, “The only reason I wouldn’t go to some parts of New York is the real risk of meeting Donald Trump.” (Richard Dawkins)

Why, he goes to the same places as billionaire Trump!


Newsweek recalls 125000 copies of its magazine whose cover shows Clinton winning the US presidential election.

Don’t blame them: They did all that to avoid totalitarianism in U.S. (Just kidding)


Big Brother Julian is watching you. Don’t mess around with the future for the sake of present vested interests.

Big Brother Julian is watching you. Anything to hide? Don’t even think of it.


As Trump Leaves Press Behind for Steak Dinner …the press that vilified him whines. (James Woods)

Don’t go out for a steak without throwing the bones to journalists.

Donald Trump prefers his steak well down AKA the worst possible way. (The Huffington Post)

And how do you like the bones, journalists?


Thank you for coming to see us! We hope you enjoyed your visit as much as we enjoyed showing your our new museum galleries, Arnold Schwarzenegger! (Richard Nixon Library)

I always hated that the justice warriors of those days called themselves Deep Throat, boasting their equities in porn.


Politico Editor RESIGNS After Publishing Home Addresses Of Alt-Right Icon R. Spencer, Advocating For ‘Baseball Bats.’ (Kevin MacDonald)

He’s got baseball bats in the belfry.


To Richard Dawkins: The reason U.S. is so strong in science is the freedom the people there have not to believe in it.


As about all other media were sycophants for the other candidate, Wikileaks is part of checks and balances, I guess.

Make no mistake, what’s “wrong” with Wikileaks is not that it advanced the fortunes of a candidate, but of the wrong one.

Wikileaks should acknowledge that it did its best to undermine HRC’s candidacy. And that it worked mighty well.

Now free Assange or be turned into dust.


Montebourg as minister wanted to induce companies to relocalize in France with subsidies to automatize.

Relocalizing is not necessarily about jobs, it can be about productivity.


Meet Lakshmi, the banking robot from Chennai.


We now know banking can be made by robots.

The sooner robots replace bankers the better. My heartfelt thanks to Lakshmi!

[Of course I’m joking, Lakshmi only replies to customers’s queries at your local branch. And yet…]


Israel’s ‘Helicopter #Drone Gift’ to #Russia makes USA uneasy. Fearing exposing of its technology, USA demands explanation from Israel. (Newscast Pratashya)

Explanation may be the drone was U.S.’s gift to Israel to begin with, so USA might as well demand explanations to themselves.


We cannot afford to lose the war on poverty.

We’ve afforded it all right for the last couple of million years.


‘Meme’ is a useless word (see Randy Thornhill). Or it only means: a word as its occurrence is quantified on WWW.

December 2016

I published classic poetry and threw my free-verse poetry & now I’m appalled because I may have been successful with the latter.

I wouldn’t have minded success from my free-verse poetry…

…but I burnt it all… for the sake of what I would call an ideology of classicism.


I wish the Chinese had taken my job away.


“Dutch Disease”: When oil/gas abounds, manufacture declines. People just hate working.

Robotics is like oil: a ‘Dutch disease.’ & contrary to oil it is here to stay.


Merkel says ‘only right’ to expect multinationals to pay taxes. (Saudi Gazette)

It’s more common to give them tax breaks so they invest in your country. What can Merkel do about that? Nuffin, poor thing.


There are 3.5 million cashier jobs in the United States.

And many of them are discourteous whereas machines are always polite.

Many cashiers are discourteous whereas machines are always polite. Have you noticed?

I see there’s an issue with manners & eye-rolling. The solution: Machines.


Civil servants are human “expert systems.” We don’t need them anymore.


Retweet if you think Gen. Mattis must keep his bags under the eyes and not have them removed them surgically like so many others.

He’s got the bags under the eyes for the job.


BMW’s current campaign is about “driving pleasure,” but it’s soon over. With the ascent of self-driving cars we won’t let people drive, it’s too dangerous.

Self-driving cars will put an end to traffic death toll, on the proviso that men stop driving altogether.


Yesterday they were saying: “Obama POTUS is the account with most followers on Twitter.” Today…

…they say: “What’s that new President who thinks like tweeting?!”


How does he have time for a radio show, golf, touring AND doing all these interviews?! Heck, we’re not complaining! (Nights with Alice) [About Night with Alice: ”Top-notch classic rock radio show hosted by THE Alice Cooper. Check out the website to find a station near you!”]

Golf is decadent.

[Through all his career, Alice Cooper was called by some a decadent. Now he is playing golf, that was overlooking the one-man moral lobby that I am, for which it is golf that is decadent.]



Tourists disappointed as strike closes Eiffel Tower for second day.

French office of tourism has issued an apology: “To all kind foreigners who’re visiting us: Pucker up, you can kiss my a**’’

EiffelTower goes dark in solidarity with people of Aleppo. (Saudi Gazette)

The personnel at Eiffel Tower have been on strike (cf one of your earlier tweets). Maybe they cut the power too?


Mexico uncovers tunnels leading to US. (Bangkok Post)

This is a reminder for Donald Trump to build the wall, all right, but deep enough.

And I mean real deep, like you can’t go deeper without being dipped in the melted core of the earth.

After that, to detect illegals check if they’ve got bottoms like baboons’.


Are we talking about the same cyberattack where it was revealed that head of the DNC illegally gave Hillary the questions to the debate? (Donald Trump)

Donna Brazile was the cheating crib.

At school they told me cribs are bad. I wish I’d never listened to them coz I’d be candidate to U.S. elections by now.