Declassified (tweetanthology 7)

August 2017

Hundreds of pages (742 to be precise) of FBI declassified documents about Hitler living in Argentina after the war! here (Part 01 of 04)

I’ve always heard that those who speculate about Hitler living in Argentina after the war are nuts. Turns out the FBI are the nuttiest of all.


Republicans are good at starting wars, Democrats at continuing them.


Biased against celibacy as Anglo-Saxon culture is, it can’t prevent that some men don’t marry, because of sterile prostitutes and serial marriage.

[I don’t know but I don’t take for granted that prostitutes serve singles more than they serve married men, as some (married men) claim.]


‘’Hitler massacred 3 million Jews… there are 3 million drugs addicts. I’d be happy to slaughter them.’’ (Rodrigo Duterte, President of the Philippines)

3 million? In my nephew’s textbook, it’s 6 million. Duterte shrinks by half the number of Jewish victims of the Holocaust found in textbooks. That makes him a criminal according to French law.


Proposed removal of statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee
and right-wing protest

Retweet (RT) if you want to see all statues and monuments to Napoleon in France removed. (He re-established slavery in all French colonies after it had been abolished in 1794 and in Haiti after the slaves’ revolt led by Toussaint Louverture.)

RT hard if you want to see all Catholic churches removed because of forced conversions and Inquisition.

RT if you want to have the passages justifying slavery removed from the Old Testament.

Give these rightwingers a break: they’re telling you they only want the same as Israel.

Roman Colosseum must be torn down. It was built by slaves and used to glorify fascist emperors. (SpiritOf1642)

The Wailing Wall must be torn down: Jerusalem Temple was built by slaves for a Jewish fascist king. I’ll quote the Bible on demand. – Make no mistake: the wailing at the Wailing Wall isn’t in memory of the slaves who died building the temple.

I really do think it’s time to rename Washington, DC. Perhaps Lincoln, DC? (Salvatore Babones)

Let’s be bold: Obama, DC. Yes we can.

Campuses, cities reject far right after deadly Charlottesville rally. (Al Jazeera News)

You’re wrong, they don’t reject Israel. At all.


Barcelona Terror Attacks

Sickened by horrific terror attack in Barcelona. U.S. will work w/ allies to find those responsible & bring to justice. Praying for victims. (Vice President Pence)

Subscribe to our package and send your AI prayers to Barcelona Attack victims and all future victims. #Business

#Cambrils. To think that such a prestigious center of knowledge and culture has been hit by barbarity! #UniversityOfCambrils

The dean of Cambrils University asks me to forward her prayers.


Officers Cleared After Subjecting Black College Student to Body Cavity Search, What Her Lawyer Calls ‘Rape by Cop’ (Know Your Rights Camp)

This piece of news is arousing… I mean anger-arousing.

Soon in the dictionary: “searchfisting.” Example: The cops searchfisted Charnesia for dope.


The U.S. won’t legalize drugs because it then would have much fewer Afro-American inmates (working for peanuts) and many more Afro-American millionaires.


Crimea’s Muslim Tatars allege systematic Russian oppression (Al Jazeera News)

After centuries of being “cossacked,” the word (from Cossacks) meaning being raped and put to the sword by the czar’s cavalrymen.

Stalin’s genocide of Crimean and Caucasian Muslims after WWII is being denied in Russia and the West. #negationism


Turkey lowers age of consent to 12 years old! [This tweet, by a British user inclined toward nationalism, generated the customary flood of outraged Islamophobic reactions that its author had intended.]

For your information, it’s legal in Westerm countries for kids to have sex, provided both partners are kids.

[In France, for instance, the law formally allows minors between 15 and 18 to have sex with other minors and/or with adults – unless the adult has authority over the minor… Besides, the law formally forbids sexual intercourse between an adult and a minor younger than 15. However, the law says nothing about two minors less than 15 or two minors of whom one is younger than 15 and the other is from 15 to 18, for example a 17 year-old and a 12 year-old, and thus commentators assume intercourse is legal (by virtue of the principle nulla pœna sine lege).]


The fascist left hates life, hates children and hates God. Survival is victory.

Listening to WASP conservatives you’d swear Jesus was married with children.


LSD is a specific cure for homosexuality” (Dr Timothy ‘High Priest’ Leary). Why not make LSD mandatory, then?

[To be fair, Leary also wrote the following, in the same book, at that: “Homosexuality is not an illness. It is a religious way of life. Homosexuals should accept their state as a religious path.” But “Homosexuals cannot join heterosexual clans.” (The Politics of Ecstasy) To be fair again, this book is a collection of essays, interviews etc. from various years. The first quotation is from 1966, the second from an undated chapter. Yet, it hardly brushes the feeling aside that Leary wasn’t overconcerned with his saying everything and its contrary. Like all good ‘high priests,’ I guess.]


There’s one mention of Jews in Uncle Tom’s Cabin, in the mouth of the amiable character St. Clare, and it reads as follows: “Why, what’s the matter? said he. Can’t you take my word? One would think you had taken lessons of the Jews, coming at a fellow so!” Chap. 28


Implicit association tests (IAT) show that blacks prefer white over black, and priming blacks for ethnicity impairs their mental test performances. Apply the same research protocol to the relationship between Jewish and non-Jewish whites. Now.

[My source here is Robert Trivers, The Folly of Fools: The Logic of Deceit and Self-Deception in Human Life, 2011: “Black and white people are similar in their explicit tendency to value self over other, blacks indeed somewhat more strongly so. But when it comes to the implicit measures, whites respond even more strongly in their own favor than they do explicitly, while blacks – on average – prefer white over black, not by a huge margin but, nevertheless, they prefer other than self. This is most unexpected from an evolutionary perspective, where self is the beginning (if not the end) of self-interest. … This has the earmarks of an imposed self-deception – valuing yourself less than you do others – and it probably comes with some negative consequences. For example, priming blacks students for their ethnicity strongly impairs their performance on mental tests.“]


Did you know that ‘journalists’ are so cretinous they have launched 420k pages saying I live in a ‘cupboard’ and 261k in a ‘basement’? (Julian Assange)

Drop the inverted commas for journalists. We already know that journalists are beautiful in fairy tales.

Make America Neo-McCarthyite Again: ‘liberal’ censorship quest continues. (Julian Assange)

By writing ‘liberal,’ in inverted commas, you reinforce people in adhering to each and every scoundrel who calls herself a liberal.

[In reply to Assange’s tweet] The censorship surge is not a “liberal” thing, contrary to all the altreich twists. So-called Conservatives have long been worse censors. (“Dr Roy Schestowitz”)

The surge is ‘liberal’. Conservatives, with few exceptions, have always opposed free speech, although there is some support now in reaction. (Julian Assange)

That freedom which you, the intellectual, the liberal, would deny to others.” Timothy Leary in 1963. The surge is kind of old… Please note that Leary didn’t bother to write liberal in inverted commas.


It’s time to talk about Trump’s mental health (Washington Post)

But you already did, don’t you remember?


Why is it easier for cops to infiltrate neo-Nazi beerdrinkers than Jihadist teetotalers?

For every Jihadist terror attack committed, the police have prevented ten neo-Nazi attacks. Do not look at the delayed trains only (as there also are trains which arrive on time. As the saying goes in France, where railway companies are still state-owned and state-managed).


And now what you’re all waiting for!

The Hashtag Games


So f*ck me God

His Assholiness Popeye Francis

Ziegheil Follies

Yes We Kahn




She had lost a leg in World War One.

She had nice flaxen blonde hair but I got fed up with kissing her denture off her mouth.

She was hit by a hit-and-run car before my eyes and died, so I guess we had to say goodbye.

She wasn’t Jewish enough for my ambition.

She had lied about her father’s wealth.

She thought she was a good catch but I only wanted her money. It was breaking my heart.

Her Dem father wasn’t reelected so I dated the Rep’s daughter instead.

I had needed a black girlfriend to get some new acquaintances but then she took things seriously.

She refused to sell her body.

Her father refused to replenish her bank account.

She was too shocked when she found out that far from being devout I only was a lecher who had had it all with her.

I got promoted and my new female colleagues are just more interesting.



I had stopped visiting prostitutes.






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