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Conspiracy of the Bots & Media as Soft Penis (Tweet Anthology 6)

July-August 2017

Monogamy might allow more men to marry – if there were no prostitution, a class of unmarried women largely unknown in polygamic countries. According to Schopenhauer, prostitution is the price societies pay for monogamy. This is to be added to ‘serial marriage,’ through which wealthy men get access, serially, to several young women. Both phenomena should be taken into account before attempting any praise of institutional monogamy.


Remember, when you hear the words “sources say” from the Fake Media, often times those sources are made up and do not exist. (POTUS)

“Our traditions of impartiality between the genuine and the fake”: Writer Jean Giraudoux satirizing the press.


After I tweet you no one will want to marry you.


I honestly love being around positive people. You’re not judged, there’s no drama, everyone just wants to relax and have a nice time.

And then you wake up.


A Case in Subliminal Messaging: Hewlett-Packard Ad

Observe how the man on the right is about to grab her. (Click to enlarge)

The handle of the glass door makes the man look as if a stick were stuck in the bottom of his belly, just as if he were a jester’s bauble.

The young black man on the left closes his eyes ensconsed in delight. Her dropping index finger is telling him secretly about the other’s penis. We know the guy on the right has got no penis, by the way, because he’s a bauble.

She casually points to a word or phrase on the board with her pencil. It reads ‘Marry,’ the following word, concealed, must be ‘me.’ She’s going to have the bauble marry her, for his money, while living it up with the young negro colleague.


A major difference between free competition and communism is that free competition cannot exist.


Media as ‘soft power’

Media as soft penis.


Not long ago I saw a video with Jane Goodall releasing a chimpanzee in the wild. Yet we now know chimps murder the lone foreign chimps they meet… The video was from the Jane Goodall Foundation and was released recently as advert. Goodall saw chimps as all love (all good) and has been proven wrong. I’d like to tell them to stop showing videos of chimpanzee releases in the wild, because that was sending the poor creatures to a horrible death.


The Truth About New Holland (A Dialogue)

Australia was discovered by the Dutchman Abel Tasman and it used to be called New Holland.

The first Dutch visit took place in 1606, to be compared with Cook’s travels more than 150 years later, in 1770. It is said that the Dutch made no claim whatever on the land (Wikipedia page on New Holland: “neither the Netherlands nor the Dutch East India Company claimed any territory in Australia as its own“). The activities of Dutch East India Company were marked by extreme secrecy and I’m sure historians have missed something about VOC (Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie) and Australia.

Dutch explored western parts of Oz extensively but didn’t stay. Read Batavia event, pretty horrific –Indonesians used to trade with aboriginals.

Aboriginal people have blonde in areas where Dutch explorers often came to grief on reef. They explored mostly northern parts in summer and to these it looked very arid coastline – then came collapse of Dutch economy tulips trade. (Australian writer Greg Hoey)

You don’t have to stay somewhere to proclaim it’s yours. See Danes and Greenland.

Indonesians used to trade with Aboriginals, and the Dutch, who traded with Indonesians since about 1600, would think Australia’s a dry rock?!

From 1606 to 1770 they had plenty of time to see the coast in every season, rainy or dry. And land is land.

Very isolated place to explore in such days, WA coastline riddled with dozens shipwrecks from 1500’s through to 1900’s. Abundance coastline of very treacherous reefs with no way home! So integrate become Aboriginal, even become Aboriginal meal: cannibalism existed. (Ibid.)

I’m not saying the Dutch had the means to sustain their claim against jingo piracy, only that they had a claim.

Nova Hollandia, even devoid of any Dutchman, was Dutch. Saying they made “no claim” on territory discovered by them is most absurd.

Dutch did lay claim actually, leaving their declaration on a plate now in WA museum [Western Australian Museum in Perth] on public. Was found 80 years ago however! (Ibid.)

By saying the plate was only found recently, you imply the Britons did not know they were committing robbery when claiming Australia theirs but I guess somewhere a protest exists, either from the Dutch government or the VOC. If the matter was settled by agreement, then I’m sure a document exists too that either Australia or the British crown can produce.

Anyway my claim is vindicated: there’s a Dutch plate in WA museum. The “no claim” story makes no sense at all.

Britons might have claimed a right through vacancy by the Dutch (like a house abandoned by its owner for years) but a formal protest would have voided it.

The trade lines you mentioned between Indonesians and Aboriginals might have been in the VOC’s hands, and a British occupation would cut these to the Dutch’s detriment, so the VOC must have protested formally.

At that point Greg tweeted the article ‘Australia might speak Dutch if not for strong emotions,’ The Conversation, November 21, 2013 here)

Good article, a little further from your notions about Dutch only being shipwrecked and/or eaten alive 🙂 Still just tiny bits, not the big picture.

Arid and barren as the land was, the Dutch were looking for gold mines, which are okay with barrenness.

For all we know, the Dutch may have been preparing a large mining expedition when the Britons claimed Australia theirs and insulted Netherlands. The latter’s descendants now say the Dutch were stupid idiots: “strong emotions,” “no claim” &c., such things that jingos are always eager to believe. They never see the absurd contradictions of their thinking, like that story of Dutch leaving because the land was barren, when they were searching for gold.

I have witnessed similar chauvinistic views many times by way of very superior Euro’s/ Brits/Americans toward Australia coming from lack of knowledge. (Ibid.)

I guess the more or less conscious reasoning is: We’re of the same culture, of which we’re the center and you’re the margin…


In their own eyes and justification, the right of European colonists on American ground is based upon written contracts signed by illiterates.


USA Today complains about lack of ‘women’ and ‘no lead actors of color’ in movie ‘Dunkirk’ (The Daily Wire)

War films can use women, as we all know. Like The Thin Red Line, where a U.S. soldier receives a letter from his wife telling him she divorces lol

While the guy is on duty for the motherland lol



Fox is an alien entity that pressured the U.S. legislator to waiver in its case the 24.9 percent limit of foreign capital ownership in American media: Shady. Murdoch changed his citizenship to U.S. but the parent corporation is still based in Australia because of the tax cuts it’s got there. [Source : Ben H. Bagdikian, The New Media Monopoly, 2004]

Then there is this quote from Donald Trump during the election campaign: “Most people don’t know that the co-owner of Fox News is Prince Al-Waleed of Saudi Arabia.

Observe how the U.S. legislator uses the same techniques as marketing: 24.9% ownership limit instead of plain 25%.


Hitler Store on Gaza strip and stuff they are selling there. Unbelievable.

And this has nothing to do with Israeli policies: they were born Hitler cultists. => The Hitler Gene.


Winning’s got a price and when the price is a world empire it looks very much like losing. Britain lost a world empire in the war against Germany who had nothing to lose. An empire bled to death by a proletarian nation: bad management.

(My contender here, a British countryman who deleted his tweets a few hours later, said something like all empires peak and decline.)

The iron law is the excuse of bad managers.

(He then said it was difficult to administer a world empire from a ‘small island,’ and he added: ‘too bad you weren’t around.’)

At least I can try my piece of advice: Don’t let your small island shape small minds. Because you’re stuck to it now.


Do you remember the mad cow disease scandal from UK? The disease is named after Hans Gerhard Creutzfeldt, patron member of the Reich’s SS. Shocking.


The Conspiracy of the Bots

A conspiracy of the bots is taking place. Their AI allows them to recognize robot’s trash and like it systematically, enslaving our opinions.

Through the reward system in our brain, gazillions of robot’s likes will enslave mankind.

The ‘like’ function on social networks translates a basic pattern of human interactions. But it’s a schematic translation – a caricature. People are robotized when the scheme becomes the normal procedure in their psychology (robots are schemes/caricatures of humans). And this will be the case for social networks users, as the scheme (a ‘like’) is more rewarding than real routine interaction.

When robots’ likes is what makes us happy, we’ll be the robots’ slaves.


I can’t understand why Western right-wingers always take Israel as a model and never Saudi Arabia. Just look:

Al Jazeera’s clip ‘Thousands of Ethiopians are leaving Saudi Arabia. Here’s why’ (Aug 1, 2017) : ’70,000 Ethiopians have returned home after working illegally in Saudi Arabia. They were given until July 25 to leave or face arrest. They had no legal right in the country. … ‘They don’t even consider us as human beings.’…’

And yet Israel gets all the praise!


Angelina Jolie defends casting process for [her film] First They Killed My Father [filmed in Cambodia].

Putting money before a slum kid, then withdrawing it, and then the unchosen kids return to their slums. So innocent!

I’m sure some of these kids were beaten to death by their parents for not being taken in.


My son did a science project on the nuggets [McDonald’s chicken nuggets]… didn’t mold or rot after 4 months.

When you absorb vitamins you get vitaminized, when you absorb preservatives you get preserved. Eat nuggets.


Having a Facebook account is like going to the disco with one’s mom.


Moon Landing & Other Space Mysteries


Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia Abd al-Aziz ibn Baz (in charge 1993-7) denied the Americans ever walked on the Moon.


“The original recordings of the first landing on the moon 40 years ago were erased and re-used. Yet the restored copies of the original broadcast are looking even better.” (from article ‘Nasa admits to losing moon landing tapes,’ The Vintage News, Dec 12, 2016 here.)

Shameful or… convenient? “NASA admitted in 2006 that no one could find the original video recordings of the July 20, 1969, landing” “they were part of a batch of 200,000 tapes that were degaussed –magnetically erased– and re-used to save money.” (from ‘Moon landing tapes got erased, NASA admits,’ Reuters, July 16, 2009 here.)

Such historical documents! This neglect, regarding unprecedented, historical, groundbreaking events, makes me suspicious. As if it had been the film of a local caucus!… And they had to retrieve copies ‘in the archives of CBS News’!


Hollow earth (concave earth) quote from August Strindberg: “Att jorden kunde vara konkav, visar sig vid luftsegling, då horisonten följer ballongen, han må stiga aldrig så högt; likaså med hafshorizonten, som alltid är i jämnhöjd med ögat, äfven om man stiger uppåt en höjd å stranden.” (En Blå Bok, 1907) Translation: “That the earth may be concave is shown by balloon flight, as the horizon always follows the balloon no matter how high it goes, and likewise with sea horizon, which remains at eyes’ level even if one steps up a mound on the beach.”

In Strindberg one can also read of contradictions in astronomy’s parallax, refraction/aberration, earth movement & speed… (Blue Books, 1-4)


Antigravity Dew: “Dewdrops mock gravity as they start sliding from grass top only as they warm, that is, when they become lighter” (Viktor Schauberger. Full original quote : ‘’Zu Millionen stehen die Tautropfen wie Tränen auf den Spitzen der Gräser, die schon durch ihre Stellung aller bisher angenommenen Schwerkraftgesetze spotten, weil sie sich erst dann abwärts zu neigen beginnen, wenn diese Tautropfen warm und dadurch, wie man allgemein annimmt, leichter werden.’’)


I’m interested in his community because I mirror the world. He’s interested in his community because he’s bound to it. See the difference?


Any jingo culture is really but a culture in the ethnographic sense.


We as a whole make our environment, so we make our genes. Light tree bark makes moth’s wings light-colored, dark bark makes them dark.

Any differences in rates of reproduction affect genetic makeup. Differences arise from natural (in my example: predators, which detect dark-colored moths on light-colored bark easily and vice-versa) or sexual selection. Assuming natural selection is largely through with humans (no predators, free from milieu’s pressure), sexual selection remains. I’m not sure in what direction sexual selection works today: the poor or the rich (early Darwinists of Galton’s school, i.e. eugenicists, thought the poor were outbreeding the rich, and to be more precise not as much the working poor as the unemployed poor, while today’s evolutionary psychologists think high-status men outbreed low-status men). But in any case social standards (environment) shape preferences/selection.

Natural selection today would be that if, for example, car accidents are more prevalent for some phenotypes the genes associated with these will decline, all other things being equal. Every factor impacting mortality and fertility differentially and non-randomly.


Origin of the Opposable Thumb Solved! Everyone likes to be thumbed up, so those hominids who thumbed up others more were more successful.


With America’s decline, the more whites find the rewards of their toil don’t meet expectations, the more they’ll be dreaming of re-enslaving the blacks.


Despacito has officially become the most viewed video IN HISTORY and the first to reach 3 BILLION views. (Universal Music CA)

“Heartfelt thanks to our wonderful IT programers for the thousands of clicking bots working night and day. Now we’re famous!”

[Not A but B:

A.They reached 3 billion views because they’re famous.

B.They’re famous because they reached 3 billion views.]


To Dr Richard Dawkins,

Is it because of spandrels that you dislike churches?


Blank Slate & Sex Therapy

We’re all s’posed to be afeard of spiders [my controversial presentation of evolutionary psychology] but most spiders aren’t venomous and those that are “are not ancestrally in Africa” (Robert C. Richardson).

So John Watson‘s conditioning was supposed to be ‘primed’ by evolved, adaptive fears… and was not, as far as spiders and even snakes are concerned. I see no reason why that would be different with Watson’s adorably cute rodents.

As to Stanley Rachman’s conditioning sexual arousal in front of boots, no one has dared say what primes that. The only sure thing is that the guy used human guinea pigs.

As far as arousal and erection are concerned, Rachman’s experiments prove that man is a blank slate. Anything will trigger it as engineered.

Behavorial sex therapies are the only working therapies.


51 million Americans including 14 million children have IQs under 85. It’s a problem. Don’t believe IQ deniers. (Prof. R. Haier)

The real question is how many jobs need IQs higher than 85.

If average IQ was higher than average IQ requirements, ‘twould be a disaster.

In theory (according to IQ specialists) you’d rather have a Mensa cleanse your crap bowl (he’ll do it better), but he won’t be happy and he’ll let you know.

Besides, you’d cause your society to be suboptimal. [Keep thinking along these lines and I’m sure the IQ maniacs will cool down.]


Around one million tonnes of interstate waste are dumped in Queensland [Australia] each year. (4Corners)

If Queensland’s a big garbage dump, what are Queenslanders?


& to cap it all

The Hashtag Games

When Is Speech Violence (After the title of one New York Times article that, if I understood well, was innuendoing – or perhaps declaring categorically – that Trump’s speech was violence)

When an American tries to speak French.

When a ventriloquist has eaten too much of the frijoles beans tacos.

Any speech from a flatulist, especially a politician.


#friyay‘s for the suckers, I say #thursyay!


Happy #NationalJunkFoodDay from the National Association of Flatulists.


What Happened (Title of Hillary Clinton’s Latest Book)

Shortage of cheat sheets.



An Accident Happened: They Couldn’t Forward the Other Cheat Sheets

Podesta’s Risotto Tastes Like Sh*t

Pizzaed [cf #PizzaGate]

Yes We Pan: The Truth About Pizzas



They drained the swamp… and found U.S. had evaporated.


#SoonWeWillDiscover that 1/5th of British men are vasectomized and that’s the truth.



I would never have known anonymity is for so many people the prerequisite to having fun. What went wrong?

North America is a free country where citizens tweet anonymously on Twitter unless they work in Hollywood (in which case they tweet under their stage name).




#AtMidnightIn5Words GIF worth a thousand words


#SoonWeWillDiscover what’s behind.


#SundayMorning #HashtagGame => #HerWrongDaysOfTheMonth

Credits: I made the first GIF from the movie Savage Streets (1984) by Danny Steinmann. The three others show Australian actress Barbara Constable in Lady Terminator (1989) by Indonesian film director Tjut Djalil, a movie also known as Nasty Hunter and Pembalasan ratu pantai selatan (Revenge of the South Sea Queen) and which is included in my paper ‘’L’Imaginaire indonésien dans le cinéma fantastique national’’ for journal Le Banian, n°23, June 2017. [Since May 2018, available on this blog (x).]

August 2017








Feyspook Anthology

First thing first, retweet if you think that Mister Cocaine-Mountain ought to be jailed for appropriating the Global Village.

The following are excerpts from my Feyspook correspondence since June 2015, some in English (first part), others in French (second part).


Yesterday I was told the following by an acquaintance:

“X. talked to me about one of my female friends, telling me he objected very strongly to my having made friends with her, given her ideas.

Why bother? I said. I take no heed of my female friends’ ideas. It’s just a pity they have any.

– Still, she has some, he added after a moment.

– She will change her ideas before you change your spectacles.

– How do you know? he asked.

– An idea is like everything else in this world: After a while it’s boring and one feels like having a change. Besides, if my friends had to share my ideas, I would have none.”


(To some friends who liked my top picture, Red Alert by artist Hito Steyerl) You are connoisseurs and you appreciate this work of art. I appreciate it too and as long as it makes the women hot I will keep showing it.


Let me add a few comments to sustain our appreciation of this work of the monochrome genre. We have here a three-panelled work not on canvass but on screens. There is some electronics involved, which produces a halo effect both coarser than the halo effect produced by oil-paint monochromatic works (I’ll explain what a coarse halo is some other day) and measurably closer to alpha wavelengths – alpha waves being, as you may already know, the waves induced in the brain by watching television along with a hypnoid state (and increased suggestibility as a result). It is speculated among the finest connoisseurs that watching this monochrome long enough while thinking it is a television set will lead one’s mind into a condition of irreversible hypnosis.




“Although W.J. Potter did uncover a negative relationship between TV viewing and academic achievement (as viewing increased, achievement decreased), the relationship did not appear to kick in until TV viewing had reached at least 10 hours per week.” [Note that 10 hours per week is roughly 1 hour and 25 mn per day.]


“One recent large-scale survey of media use was reported by the Kaiser Family Foundation. … On average, children and adolescents in this age range [up to 18] watch nearly 4.5 hour of TV each day.” [Three times (3.2) the above figure.]

From G.G. Sparks, Media Effects Research, 2015 (pp. 91 & 87 resp.). My own comments in [].


Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies!

Okay, sweetheart, let’s dispense with your soul!


Friedrich Engels on Irish Immigration

From The Condition of the Working Class in England, 1844.

“The Englishman who is still somewhat civilized needs more than the Irishman who goes in rags, eats potatoes, and sleeps in a pig-sty. But that does not hinder the Irishman’s competing with the Englishman, and gradually forcing the rate of wages, and with it the Englishman’s level of civilization, down to the Irishman’s level.”

“Even if the Irish … should become more civilized, enough of the old habits would cling to them to have a strong degrading influence upon their English companions in toil, especially in view of the general effect of being surrounded by the Irish. For when, in almost every great city, a fifth or a quarter of the workers are Irish, or children of Irish parents, who have grown up amid Irish filth, no one can wonder if the life, habits, intelligence, moral status – in short, the whole character of the working class, assimilates a great part of the Irish characteristics. On the contrary, it is easy to understand how the degrading position of the English workers, engendered by our modern history, and its immediate consequences, has been still more degraded by the presence of Irish competition.”

This is the final struggle, la la la la la…


Have you seen the film The Thin Red Line (1998) on the Guadalcanal battle in WW2? Although not a bad film, the psychology is grossly inaccurate.

Men scared out of their minds, nervous breakdowns, endless tears… It looks more humane than other war films, truer, then, to our humanity, but it’s the contrary: Even though fear is always present in war, pride prevents its easy manifestation. Men can so easily become good little soldiers when flocked together because of their pride. And if the contemporary public does not understand, or feel, this any more, then it must be that they have lost their pride – and with it all sense of shame. (On pride, read Mandeville’s Fable of the Bees.)

Moreover, in the film one  soldier receives a letter from his wife at home asking for divorce as she has found another man. I’m sure such things did not happen. A woman divorcing from a drafted soldier on duty in war time would have been eyed as a traitor by her neighbors, her act as akin to high treason, as disloyalty not only to her man but also to her country. I am confident that research on this particular point would prove me right – but that says nothing on women’s faithfulness.


Brexit is a big shame… on all experts, who saw nothing coming. They now are silent on their resounding failure to deliver any insight whatever.

The analysts in question, about the whole caste of them, ironically are the very persons responsible for Brexit. Many people who would have voted against it did not go to the polls as they were convinced Brexit would not pass and they could make a better use of their time. Similarly, many people who voted for Brexit in order to send a signal of anger to Cameron but did not mean Brexit, felt justified in doing so as they were convinced Brexit would not pass. This I learnt from French politologist Olivier Duhamel, who, however, came short of drawing the obvious conclusion. For whence came such a firm conviction in people if not from the steamroller of expert forecasts predicting that Brexit would not pass, i.e. true brainwashing?


Commentators insist on the fact that that financial hub, London, voted against Brexit – but is that surprising? How did Oxford and Cambridge vote?


(A YouTube Video posted after one of the debates for the American presidential election:) STRANGE YELLOWISH FILTER ON BACKGROUND OF HILLARY CLINTON FRAME…


The filter (or whatever contrivance is used) makes the image more attractive, with shiny golden lettering as opposed to dull lettering in the background. The brain will tend to demand the “starlit” background, so when it’s Trump speaking the brain says: “Oh, not that dull image again, bring the shiny one back.” By the brain is the paleocortex meant, and the effect is especially pronounced in the alpha state induced by TV viewing.

The video has generated many comments on YouTube. A man who presents himself as a technician says there’s no filter but rather it’s automatic camera correction, adapting to the color of the candidates’ clothes. Whatever the technicalities, if the effect I have described above is true (and this is elementary psychology), then there is a bias, and if both candidates were not equally informed of the effects of their clothes and of the lighting and of any other effect of the set-up, then the debate(s) was/were rigged.

That dull vs. bright picture (even if only the background) is not without psychological effect is ascertained by the plain cigarette pack policy (Australia &c). Certainly the idea is intuitive. Both words dull and bright have figurative, value-loaded meanings: dull is negatively loaded, bright is positively loaded. But more importantly the intuition is confirmed by neuromarketing, if needed be. For decades packaging has made use of such psychological notions. “Glossy” gives you the idea. Clearly, if a media set-up, by any of its contrivances, automatic or otherwise, creates “gloss” for one candidate and “dullness” for the other, then that set-up biases the debate, as much as a plain pack is perceived as unattractive compared to a glossy pack and the difference influences the purchase decision. The designers of the presidential debate(s) either contrived their set-up in order to advantage one candidate or they overlooked an elementary notion of their business to the detriment of the fair treatement of both candidates. In any case I think the Supreme Court should look into this, because this is serious.

Some people think it cannot be an intentional trick played against Trump inasmuch as we are talking about conservative Fox News, but Fox News is hardly pro-Trump as this quote from Trump may help you figure out:

Most people don’t know that the co-owner of Fox News is Prince Al-Waleed of Saudi Arabia.

It must have been a pleasure for Prince Al-Waleed of Saudi Arabia to participate in the organization and overseeing of the debates for the American presidential election.

FRENCH (or something)

Un jour, je suis allé à Gibert et j’ai vendu tous mes disques. Je me disais : “J’arrête les pétards et j’écoute du classique.” Aujourd’hui, je passe mon temps sur YouTube à écouter les chansons des disques que j’ai revendus. Vous savez s’ils reprennent les disques classiques à Gibert ?


CHACUN SA PHILOSOPHIE (certaines vous paraîtront peut-être recuites, d’autres sont plus originales)

D’Archibald : “J’ai pas de bagnole, j’ai pas de gonzesse et j’ai malheureusement un boulot.”

De Mireille, en réponse à une question : “La vie a-t-elle un sens ? Ça dépend des jours.”

De Stéph : “Le chien est le meilleur ami de l’homme, et pourtant l’homme ne l’a pas mérité.”

De Raoula : “Personne ne sait ce qu’aimer veut dire avant de s’être fait plaquer.”

De Jean-Robert : “Trois choses comptent dans la vie: l’argent, l’argent, et le Loto.”

De X. : “L’argent, c’est ce qui reste quand on a perdu toute sa culture.”

De Josiane : “Ma vie de bureau n’est pas des plus palpitantes mais au moins je m’emm… comme un homme.”

De René : “Elle dit que son père était un pauvre type qui ne s’intéressait qu’aux femmes, mais pourquoi ? Ce n’est pas un sujet intéressant ?”

De Jordy : “Je m’appelle Jordy, j’ai quatre ans et les gens sont méchants : ils m’ont sifflé.”

A suivre…


Je donne une place pour Le Grand bleu au Grand Palais ce dimanche 21.

C’est généreux, David. Tu la donnes à qui ?


Si vous pensez qu’il y a du Big Brother dans Feyspook, soyez tranquilles : vous avez entièrement raison. Comme l’a fait remarquer Marshall McLuhan, les médias électroniques nous ont fait entrer dans le “village mondial”. Et chacun sait que, dans un village, il n’y a pas de vie privée.


Quien trabaja pierde su tiempo. (proverbe espagnol)


If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it’s lethal… (Pensée du jour par Nathalie)

ENTER THE MAZE, Nathalie ! Signé : Le Minotaure.


ANNONCE. Le nombre maximum d’amis sur Facebook est de 5.000. Le premier de mes amis qui arrive à 5.000 amis a droit à ma photo dédicacée.


Liberté, Liberté, qu’est-ce que ça peut me faire si je n’ai pas de temps libre ?

Toi, je t’ai !

N’est-ce pas ?… Allo ?… Allo, Liberté ?…

(Rideau) (C’était l’histoire d’un vrai cocu.)


L’existence d’une classe politique est un scandale. Personne n’a le droit de quitter son boulot de m… pour aller jacasser comme un perroquet tant qu’un seul Français devra gagner sa vie en travaillant.


DÉBECTUDE. n. f. Sentiment qu’inspirent les politiciens. Ex. Mon médecin m’a conseillé d’éteindre la télé car j’ai atteint des niveaux de débectude dangereux pour ma santé.


Nous sommes sous la quatorzième législature de la cinquième République. Sous cette législature, qui a commencé en juillet 2012, il y a trois ans et demi, 299 lois ont déjà été adoptées (source : site de l’Assemblée nationale), ce qui nous fait (365.3+182)/299 = 4,27, soit une nouvelle loi tous les quatre jours ! “Nul n’est censé ignorer la loi.” Bon courage !


Achtung, si vous cliquez sur ce lien [mon essai The Science of Porn], Facebook va vous envoyer de la pub pour des sites de rencontre. Mais je ne vois pas le rapport.


Ce n’est pas parce que vous aimez le sexe qu’il faut dégoûter les autres du porno !


Ne remets pas au lendemain ce que tu peux faire le jour même, surtout quand la date limite est aujourd’hui.


(Une vidéo postée sur YouTube par une association des Amis de Jane Goodall, montrant le lâchage d’un chimpanzé dans la forêt)

Une vidéo très émouvante mais, si j’en crois les connaissances les plus récentes en primatologie (et je ne sais pas de quand date cette vidéo), les chances de survie d’un chimpanzé relâché dans la forêt sont minimes, et il risque au contraire de subir une mort atroce ! Les chimpanzés vivent en hordes qui défendent chacune un territoire. Les chimpanzés qui s’isolent de leur horde courent le risque de mourir assassinés par des chimpanzés d’autres hordes, et ce d’autant plus que des groupes de chimpanzés partent régulièrement en maraude pour voir s’il n’y a pas des chimpanzés isolés à tuer. A l’époque où Jane Goodall conduisait ses observations, l’idée de singes tueurs était rejetée par pratiquement tous les biologistes, car le comportement n’avait jamais été observé ailleurs que dans des zoos et on l’imputait alors aux conditions de vie anormales de ces animaux. Ce n’est que dans les années quatre-vingt-dix que le comportement a commencé à être observé dans des conditions naturelles. Les chimpanzés sont une des rares espèces animales à pratiquer l’assassinat (autre que l’infanticide, beaucoup plus fréquent, les mâles de nombreuses espèces tuant les enfants des femelles avec lesquelles ils veulent s’accoupler). Sur les singes tueurs, voir Demonic Males de Wrangham et Peterson (1996).

Cette vidéo m’intrigue et m’inquiète. Si le chimpanzé est une femelle, c’est sans doute moins grave, car les femelles quittent leur groupe de naissance pour aller s’accoupler dans un autre groupe, mais, selon Wrangham et Peterson, les femelles isolées ne seraient quand même pas toujours épargnées par les assassins, surtout, peut-être, si elles ont la charge d’un petit. D’un autre côté, si la vidéo est ancienne, je ne pointe pas Goodall du doigt car on ignorait ces faits à l’époque ; le phénomène de l’assassinat (intraspécifique adulte) est rare dans le monde animal, et il était sans doute crédible de nier la pertinence de généraliser les cas d’assassinat observés dans des zoos. Mais je reproche alors à l’association de continuer de diffuser des vidéos anciennes, pour émouvoir le public et recueillir des fonds, alors que la réalité est ce qu’elle est, et que, certainement, on ne relâche plus des chimpanzés dans la nature s’ils doivent mourir assassinés !

Pourquoi est-ce que les chimpanzés tuent ? La réponse, en anglais technique : “They maximize their fitness.” Les frontières des territoires des groupes ne sont pas gravées dans le marbre. Si, pour une raison ou une autre, la population d’un groupe diminue, cela donne l’opportunité aux groupes voisins d’étendre leur territoire. Le territoire étant ce qui assure la subsistance du groupe, plus il est grand et plus le groupe peut être grand. Plus le groupe est grand, plus il attire de femelles et donc plus les mâles ont d’opportunités de se reproduire. En tuant, quand l’occasion se présente, des individus d’un groupe voisin, les chimpanzés accroissent l’importance relative de leur propre groupe.


Que peut faire Nuit Debout face aux politicards ? Que peut-on faire face à un torrent debout ?


Campagne d’affiches pour l’apprentissage, à Paris : “Un jeune sur trois n’a pas de travail.”

Alors tuez-les avant qu’ils ne vous tuent, parce que ce n’est pas demain qu’ils vont en avoir.

Il y a une autre possibilité. La corrélation entre chômage et criminalité est positive pour les jeunes hommes, pas pour les jeunes femmes. Les femmes au chômage deviennent boulimiques ou rejoignent des sectes, elles ne sont pas dangereuses pour autrui. Nous pourrions donc aussi décider de sortir les femmes du travail, pour notre sécurité à tous.


Candide Aziz au pays de Flanby : “Alors l’Euro 2016, c’est donc le Ramadan des kafirs ?”


Au pays de Flanby, il y a des méchants et des pourris la la la la la…



Ce que je préfère, dans le couple franco-allemand, c’est l’Angleterre.

Il faut voir le bon côté des choses. Le départ de l’Angleterre libère de la place pour l’entrée de la Turquie.

Le départ de l’Angleterre ne va pas empêcher les autres de négocier en anglais lors des sommets européens. Aucun problème.


(Post-Euro 2016)

La France battue par le Portugal. Fête de klaxons dans Paris jusqu’à trois heures du matin.


Coup d’Etat raté en Turquie. Erdogan a envoyé un SMS A TOUS LES TURCS. Ça donne des idées à Flanby, qui voudrait bien nous envoyer des SMS tous les matins à notre réveil : “Coucou, mes chers compatriotes, c’est votre Président préféré. Il fera beau aujourd’hui, avec quelques nuages sur la Bretagne cependant. Si vous voyez un kamikaze suspect, n’oubliez pas de le dénoncer à la police. Bisous. Flanby” (le 16.7.16)

SMS du 17.7.16 : “Coucou, mes chers compatriotes et compatriotesses, c’est votre Président bien-aimé. Vous connaissez Julie Gayet ? C’est la plus grande actrice depuis Zara Bernard, hein ?”


Les robots livreurs arrivent (article de presse). L’argument est intéressant : les clients veulent éviter le contact humain. Ça fait longtemps que je le dis. Les gens prennent leur voiture pour faire 100 mètres plutôt que de marcher, non pas tant par paresse (car en plus ils savent qu’ils ont besoin d’exercice) que parce qu’ils ne veulent pas croiser des gens dans la rue.

Parfois, les gens font en voiture les 150 mètres qui les séparent de leur salle de sport.

Les gens veulent en général éviter deux types de contact humain : le contact pour des relations purement fonctionnelles (p. ex., payer un achat) et le contact avec des inconnus dans la rue. Si vous ne comprenez pas bien ce dernier point, il suffit de savoir que 37 % des homicides ont pour origine une “altercation triviale” (Kenrick & Griskevicius, The Rational Animal, 2013), typiquement deux inconnus (abrutis) qui se croisent dans la rue. (Et je fais partie des abrutis car j’ai déjà eu une altercation dans… un bureau de poste, avec intervention de la police et convocation au tribunal, mon dos ayant malencontreusement brisé une vitrine contre laquelle j’avais été poussé. Ça se passait à Chaville, qui n’est pas considéré, à ma connaissance, comme une banlieue chaude.)


La polémique bidon de la semaine. Melania Trump aurait plagié Michelle Obama. Juste un truc : passez au logiciel d’analyse textuelle les discours politiques (ou publics), n’importe lesquels, en France ou aux U.S., droite et gauche. Vous verrez que tout est plagiat, c’est-à-dire que tout est pareil (le logiciel vous donnera le pourcentage exact). J’ai parlé des robots livreurs, mais le prochain boulot qui va disparaître, c’est celui de rédacteur de discours politiques. Franchement, je vous fais le logiciel quand vous voulez ; on n’aura même pas le droit d’appeler ça de “l’intelligence” artificielle.


Carrefour wahhabisé.


Ça y est, j’ai posté ça et maintenant j’ai droit aux pubs de Carrefour. C’est comme de dire “m…” et d’en recevoir un seau sur la tête…

Ça n’arrête plus… Je suis carrefourisé… Dites du mal de Carrefour sur Feyspook et vous serez punis par un déversement de pub !


Si je suis élu, j’instaurerai une cérémonie de salut au drapeau en chantant la Marseillaise. (F. Copé)

Puisque Tartuffe-Pavlov ressort le salut au drapeau, je tiens à dire que le drapeau français est minable. Prenez l’Union Jack, le Stars & Stripes : là, vous avez de l’art ! Mais entre un grossier bleu-blanc-rouge et le magnifique drapeau du Zimbabwe, il y a toute la différence entre la barbarie et la civilisation.


Cette photo est une oeuvre unique. Prise de vue de Red Movement in Space III de Milan Dobes. Les reflets rouges sont uniques en raison de la distance et de l’angle d’où la photo a été prise. Pour une copie dédicacée par moi, me contacter (prix 3.999€).


Il y a une coquille sur le prix. C’est 39.999€, bien sûr.


Quel est l’inverse de quatre-vingt ? Vingt-quatre.


THE KILLER FLANBY. Il avoue avoir ordonné des assassinats ciblés, interdits par les conventions internationales ratifiées par la France. Ça plus des opérations militaires partout. Fallait pas l’appeler Flanby… (Ça l’a énervé.)


J’aimerais lancer un débat calme et serein : faut-il rétablir la peine de mort pour les patrons de bar et de restaurant qui mettent des télés dans leurs établissements ? (Stéphane Bouzon)

La peine de mort est appliquée par Flanby. Sans procès.

N’importe quel Arabe que lui désigne le général Duchnoque, Flanby le dézingue. Mais de là à dire que c’est parce qu’il a trop regardé la télé…