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Prolegomena to the Ultimate System of Philosophy (or Tweetantho 10)

The first part presents tweets from Nov-Dec 2017, the second part is older tweets that were omitted in my previous anthologies and that on second thought I want to publish on my blog.

Nov-Dec 2017

Do you think hashtagging mass shooters’ names like #KevinJansonNeal or #StephenPaddock or #ScottOstrem or #DevinPatrickKelley will provoke attention-seeking shootings? Explain why you think so.


1/ I think straight workers suffer more than gay bosses in this world.

2/ X: I’m a worker and I’m gay. Me: Yeah? What are you doing for your fellow workers?


#AddParenthesesRuinAFilm The Sound of (Elevator) Music (Peter Grant, ‘Author of the popular Stinky Stories’)

Thinking about that movie would actually spoil my enjoying the music in the elevator.


My working-class friends and Salvador Dali have one commonality: Contrary to art critics, they are aware today’s painters don’t know their job. (Cf Les Cocus du vieil art moderne)



are trying, while talking, to open that chocolate box I’ve brought and the box ends up in shreds.

always say the most awkward things at parties, dear, but don’t you try my patience too much.


Uncle Zim

1 /Mugabe has his good side. He once called Tony Blair and Britons “gay gangsters,” which sounds very accurate.

2/ Mugabe’s paramilitary were called the Green Bombers and that’s cool. First thing next spring I buy me a green bomber jacket.

3/Defiant Mugabe vows to stay on (BBC)



Uncle Zim
You’re the life of this country
Without you it’s all dust again over the desert extent
Black grandees there will be yes:
Black lustered Chesterfields where multinationals’ goons will be sitting.


A scientist is a specialist. Another name for a specialist is a manic. Manics belong to the loony bin.


I wonder if I am truly insane how I would know that. (Wednesday’s Child)

Besides, the institution’s policy is to not contradict your delusions.


#MyFiveYearPlan Buy a Principality somewhere and then maybe Australia. (Wednesday’s Child)

Australia is not for sale as it is the inviolable property of the Dutch.

That would be news.

History can be news. [See Tweet Anthology 6 here: The Truth About New Holland (A Dialogue)]


#QuestionsForAMan How do you feel about earning less than any woman in my Glorious Revolution? (Wednesday’s Child)

As a Christian convinced there’s a Chosen People of which I’m no part, I am fit for any kind of abject subservience whatsoever.


Silicon Sycophants and Twitter: It was found in labs that compliments, although knowingly made by bots/computers/screens, light on a little light in the reward system of our brains… And now we’re swamped by bot flattery.


More people die from alcohol than from guns in USA. Why do you ask for gun control and not for Prohibition?

Gun control is opposed to Socialism. For all Socialist thinkers that I know, a standing army is a parasitic scourge and Socialism is by definition the armed people.

The first decree of the Commune was the eradication of the standing army and its replacement by the armed people.” (Karl Marx, The Civil War in France, quoted by Lenin in The State and Revolution)

The disarming of the workers was the first commandment for the bourgeois, who were at the helm of the state” (Friedrich Engels, preface to Marx’s The Civil War in France, quoted by Lenin in The State and Revolution) => Bourgeois Gun Control [See also Ernesto Cardenal’s experience in revolutionary Cuba, in Tweetantho 9 here]



The Reason Islam Wins (because Islam prohibits alcohol). Islam will rule over you, wino kafirs. You’ll pay the kafir tax and jumbo heavy boozer taxes.


The reason why it takes some time for driverless cars to pervade our environment right now is not technology but legal matters: In case of accident, who’s legally responsible?

And how does an AI taxi decide who to injure in an unavoidable collision?

Yes, maybe a machine can make such decisions, and the only criterion I can think of is minimizing the body count. As to a human driver, he probably can’t think much before crashing on the right or on the left. On the other hand, if AI is that efficient, the car may choose to hit a group of 5 rather than a group of 2 if it can predict the impact will only injure the 5 but kill the 2.


Yes. Now my Followers outstrip my Following. This is the natural order of things. (Wednesday’s Child)

Let’s say one number shows how popular you are and the other number shows how curious you are. Which one shows you’re an interesting person?


On the so-called Common Era. Are you telling me it’s more respectful of others to call the era starting with the birth of a Galilean “common” (to everyone)? That looks like awful cultural imperialism to me! The so-called Common Era is no more common than the Muslim Era or the Buddhist Era or any other Era. Stop the nonsense.


Children in single-parent families by race (U.S. 2015): Black 66%, American Indian 52%, Latino 42%, White 25% (1 out of 4), Asian 16%.


US President Donald Trump receives Bahrain’s crown prince at the White House; promises a $9bn deal with Arab country. (Press TV)

Is U.S. a free enterprise country? Business deals are made by politicos and diplomats. Not competition but connections is the key word. (Competition persists somewise for the small fry.)

[As was already perceived by Lenin: ‘’Finance capital has created the epoch of monopolies, and monopolies introduce everywhere monopolist methods: the utilization of ‘connections’ for profitable transactions takes the place of competition on the open market.’’ (Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism, 1917) One hundred years later we are still stuck in the highest stage of capitalism…]


You vote for politicos #AddSpanishImproveAnything


Don’t expect too many respectable married women to join the ROSEARMY [actress Rose McGowan’s movement for improving awareness of concealed sexual harassment and sexual crimes]. As their children’s thriving depends not a little on their father’s unblemished reputation, they’ll stand to their man like ferocious she-wolves, no matter what he did.


American casualties in Vietnam War (dead): 58,209. US population in 1961: 183.7M, hence 91.85M males, of which above 19 years old: 56.25M. Makes 1 adult American male out of 1.000 – dead in Vietnam War (a war lost by US).

American casualties in WWII (dead; military and civilian): 419,400. US population in 1941: 133.4M, hence 66.7M males of which (applying same ratio as 1961) 40.92M above 19 yrs old. Makes 1 per cent, 10 per 1.000 American adult males dead in WWII.


Older Tweets

I’m tired of being a hard-working man.


John Bolton… Weird name… for a neocon.


Reality Check: @AJUpFront reveals how Obama’s immigration policies have led to millions of deportations. (Al Jazeera English)

Deporter-in-Chief” ‘s both supporters and detractors think he’s been immigration-friendly. Completely misjudged by both friends and foes.


Except for the clenched fist, Trump’s hand gestures are subtly effete. Most people don’t perceive the dissonnance consciously. His subliminal hermaphroditism has made Donald Trump win.


Everyone commented on whom Trump nominated as ambassador to Israel, but only a few commented on Rex Tillerson as head of the Department of State. Tillerson is the oil lobby. Historically, the oil lobby has been the major, perhaps the sole counterbalance to AIPAC on U.S. foreign policy because the oil lobby doesn’t want U.S. to alienate Arab countries altogether. When the Zionists want to say U.S. foreign policy is biased, they say it is dictated by the oil lobby, meaning that it is not pro-Israel enough, that too much attention is given to Arab demands. But the media kept silent on the meaning of Tillerson’s nomination, so people won’t support him and he can fall any time in the general indifference.

[With Saudi Arabia’s new stand on the Middle East affairs, this comment of mine may already have lost a good deal of relevance.]


These Arab leaders [faced with Zionism] are all talk and no action.

While the Israeli left have been so effectual, haven’t they?


Let it be known from the outset that Mexican immigrants are “just another brick in the Wall.”


Church attendance and mass-media consumption makes you a double sucker.


Nietzsche said a passion for history is a crippling one.


Business mouthpieces –read: the media– are all for cheap-labor immigration and, of course, government assuming the costs.


I stopped listening President Trump’s joint address to Congress at the “unbreakable alliance with the state of Israel.” No state ought to be given blank check. Wrong message to the world! Make Israel a state of the US, if that’s the idea, or treat it like any other state.


Remember the “rooster dance” from Chinese PLA [People’s Liberation Army] soldiers? Here comes the dress rehearsal. (People’s Daily, China)

Why are they doing this? It’s insane. You’ve got some real whackos at PLA command, I tell you. Scary. Take off the guns from these nuts.

[Of course, the aim of this clownish ‘rooster dance’ is to sugarcoat for the feeble-minded the repressive nature of the army.]


Israeli TV Host Denounces Treatment Of Palestinians: ‘Apartheid Has Been Here For Ages’ (Nation of Islam Research Group)

He can say that without being called an antisemite, while you can’t. Your not being a Jew puts you at risk, on some topics, to be called an antisemite –if that’s of any consequence– whereas being a Jew makes the label rather irrelevant.


The problem is that the art world has been a bastion of the left forever. Why should taxpayers fund it? (Kevin McDonald)

How do you account for this? Is it because people on the right have no taste?


Remember Zionist Jonah Goldberg: “Why wasn’t Assange garroted in his hotel room years ago?” (Chicago Tribune)


Judge Gorsuch will be sworn in at the Rose Garden of the White House on Monday at 11:00 A.M. (POTUS) (April 2017)

Ah, Rose Garden, Saadi, Gulistan…


Since the American airstrike on Syria I sense the climate in U.S. has considerably warmed for the President… This is appeasement.


Not invade a country [Syria] because Ivanka [Trump’s daughter] cried at some pictures.

I can show her pictures of a few Yemeni children if she likes pictures.


Remember, there’s no shortage of important work that can be done only by humans. (MITSloan Mgmt Review)

Who told you humans wanted to do these jobs?


Black people live in the “ghetto.” But Jewish intellectual Allan Bloom objected to their using the word, because the Jewish ghetto was… cultured.

[I can’t tell whether Allan Bloom said such callous things only in private or not, as my source is the book of memories Ravelstein (2000) written by his friend the Nobel Prize Saul Bellow, who quotes him saying (I must quote in French as I read it in that language): ‘’Les Juifs du ghetto avaient une sensibilité hautement développée, un courage civilisé – des milliers d’années de formation. Ils avaient des communautés et des lois. « Ghetto » est un terme de pisse-copie ignorant. Ce n’est pas d’un ghetto qu’ils viennent, c’est d’un ramdam bruyant, aveugle et nihiliste.’’]


The most beautiful city in the world (Paris)

Blow it: make it a livable, comfy place, not a museum. Signed: A Parisian.


Given that President Evo Morales has banned the Rothschild bank, if Macron is elected will the President of France be able to travel to Bolivia? Think about it.


Remember the Battle of Puebla and Mexico’s anti-slavery roots. On this day in 1862, Mexico struck a blow against white empire. #CincodeMayo

An outrage to every Moulin Rouge and Crazy Horse artiste and champagne supplier.


Schopenhauer has a phrase for Western Civilization, he calls it “foetor judaicus.


Euphemisms for “animals” in research departments: Neurophysiology: preparations Ecology: systems Psychology: Ss Medicine: models Any more? (Richard Dawkins)

How many have you vivisected yourself?


Here’s (More) Evidence Testosterone Makes Men Dumber (NYMag)

As reaching high social status boosts one’s testosterone, then becoming a big man makes one dumber.


If a Pontifex doesn’t have a grim face, then he must be doing naughty things behind closed doors…


Love is real, by John Lennon, sounds very much like Love Israel. I’ve stopped humming it.


The very idea that the British tried to convert worthy Hindus to Anglicanism gives me the shudder. Luckily that was a total failure. Cf Schopenhauer.


I have an ancestor called Sheikh Qadhib, which could mean sword or penis.

My beurette girlfriend calls me Kabir Qadhib.


The president of the EU commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, reminds Donald Trump of the legal technicalities of the Paris Climate Agreement. (June 2017)

“I’m a Transatlanticist, whatever that means. That means nothing but it means everything.” Couldn’t be clearer. Be warned.


Je suis Charlie Qatar. #QatarCrisis

As UAE is expelling Qatari citizens, UAE citizens will be expelled from Qatar, some of them losing a livelihood. What is Emirati authorities’ plan for them? No plan, I guess. The authoritarian decision isn’t supported by Gulf populations, which haven’t been consulted and won’t be allowed to speak out.


Thank God, no terror attack in France today during national election. How could media cover both election’s results and the attack?


When I see gypsies begging with children I am appalled; it’s like my country’s government never heard of robachicos abducting children to exploit them. In backwater France, the government lets gypsy women beg with babies in the street. Who are these babies? They could be abductees, for all we know. So many child abductions and yet the French government lets gipsy women beg with children at the foot of the Eiffel Tower!


How can I be sure my wife’s employer won’t ask her to lift her niqab in the backroom?


Schopenhauer thought whites were “whitened blacks” while Darwin thought blacks were “blackened whites.”


Dentists have a lousy job (that pays well); they turn to politics whenever they can. Spending the whole day on filthy mouths… I’d rather be a bum.

I can be brutally frank because I use English and I think my dentist won’t read it and won’t pull out all my teeth in retaliation.

Films The Dentist (1996) & The Dentist 2 (1998) by Brian Yuzna are good, funny approaches of this sensitive topic.


Congress should enjoy no exemptions in any area differing from an American citizen. (James Woods)

People voting for Congress means people have no power on Congress. See what I mean?


I like Twitter coz they never know it’s u clicking so u can boost ur own private stats clicking like mad on ur own tweets!

XXXIII How To Make Successful Children Without Parenting & More Data: The Science of Sex VI

How To Make Successful Children Without Parenting: A Practical Guide

1/ Cuckold rich men so you children will benefit from the men’s wealth. Cuckolding poor devils is not as advantageous and should only be done for the fun (too much of that, though, can damage your reputation of seriousness).

2/ Impregnate daughters of wealthy liberals, who will not disown them when you send them back alone and pregnant (with or without your compliments), so your children will benefit from the parents’ wealth.

3/ Impregnate – and leave at once – career women (organization women), if you can bear the tediousness of courting them in the first place.

4/ Donate regularly to sperm banks attended by wealthy people.

In this manner you will write an evolutionary success story without incurring the costs of parenting, which are as follows:

i/ Parenting is an expense of time and resources.

ii/ Parenting decreases testosterone levels. “Testosterone levels go down when a person gets married, and they decrease even further after the birth of a child.” (Kenrick & Griskevicius, The Rational Animal, 2013). You need your testosterone for every situation in life except parenting.

iii/ Parenting leads to cowardice and conformism. In part this is due to the decrease in testosterone levels (ii), but it also exposes you to permanent blackmail regarding your children’s interests.

iv/ Parenting in the nuclear family freezes men into routine – cattlelike routine, as the German philosopher would say: “The reason why the habits of another man elicit our loathing is that the animal transpires too much in a person led instinctively by the rule of habituation as if by another (non human) nature and who thus runs the risk to fall in one and the same class with cattle.”* (Kant, Anthropologie, I, 1, § 12, my translation)

v/ Parenting, via the institution of matrimony, is aimed at the enslavement of men. As implied in xxxii (here), marriage in the past was tacitly understood as the contract by which a man was free to force copulation on a woman in order not to be stuck in the infertile phase of her cycles – being stressed that the Ogino-Knaus method of natural contraception, endorsed by the Catholic church as an alternative to mechanical or chemical contraceptives, cannot work: “the human menstrual cycle is nowhere near as predictable as many people think” (Baker, SW 112).

The legal invention of spousal rape has suppressed – or is at the very least deterring – the possibility of forcing copulation on one’s wife thanks to which the man would make his best to insure he raises children of his own. Moreover, a woman’s infidelity is not always recognized as a breach of contract incurring the sanction of the law: “a divorced man is, in many jurisdictions, required to continue making child-support payments, even if DNA tests establish that he is not the biological father of a child born during his marriage.” (Kenrick & Griskevicius 2013) Given these, one wonders whether Kenrick & Griskevicius here quoted were right to name their book “the rational animal.” Men who marry are dupes and suckers.

vi/ Parenting is largely detrimental to paternity. We have already seen that women who stray are more likely to conceive with their lovers than with their long-term partners. Another factor to take into account is the woman’s immune system: “Conceivably, antibodies produced by married women may be specific to husbands’ sperm. This raises the discomfiting possibility (for married men) that the gametes of facultative mates may enjoy a competitive advantage over those of husbands’ handicapped by wives’ immune systems. Significantly, ‘condom therapy,’ [for the treatment of infertility] that shields wives from exposure to husbands’ sperm for a period of several months, apparently halts production of antibodies and causes reduced female titers of sperm agglutinating and immobilizing factors (Kay 1977).” (R. L. Smith, in Sperm Competition in Humans, 2006, ed. Shackelford & Pound).

The figures of children raised by a man different from their biological father (without the latter being conscious of it) have been already given: between 10 and 15 per cent in industrial societies. There may be a problem with the figures because other sources state that, in societies where promiscuity is high (extramarital sex is common), such as the !Kung of Botswana or the Yanomami of the Amazon, the figures, according to the same researchers who stress the promiscuity prevalent in these societies, are 8-9% (R. L. Smith, SCH 80). If 8-9% is a valid figure in promiscuous contexts, how should we interpret a 10-15% figure?

An appraisal of the opportunities of female polyandry in our societies appears useful. David Buss considers that these opportunities have increased from man’s environment of evolutionary adaptedness (EEA) up to the present day, with respect to 1/ housing and 2/ woman’s independence.

1/ With respect to housing: “We inhabit a social landscape that is forever changed from the Stone Age world in which our sexual psychology evolved [the EEA]. The anonymity of large city living creates more opportunities to carry out affairs undiscovered, compared with the small group living arrangements of our prehistoric ancestors in which it was hard to conceal a sneeze, much less a torrid affair.” (D. Buss, The Dangerous Passion, 2000). The passage’s scope is more general than just housing, but “the small group living arrangements” alluded to refer to living in caves or on small tracts of land, perhaps with enclosure. As far as I’m concerned, I hear my neighbors sneeze through the walls, and this has been the case in all the apartments I have been living in after I left my parents’ house twenty years ago. Furthermore, the flat above my head is rented to occasional tourists and I am aware, as they have no clue or do not care, when the people getting in are having a “torrid affair,” like in a hotel room. Long-term neighbors are compelled to discretion (no screaming, no moaning) in order to avoid drawing their neighbor’s, just the same as their children’s attention (and their neighbors’ children’s), and I believe the situation is the same for virtually all flats older than fifteen years in this town (Paris). (Perhaps not including apartments permanently exposed to strong traffic noise.)

This empirical and limited evidence is confirmed by the study on American suburbia by William H. Whyte in his deservedly famous Organization Man (1956): “Personal morals? The court is the greatest invention since the chastity belt.” The reason for this lies in thin walls common to row houses (semi-detached). Such arrangements are very cavelike: people hear each other sneeze all the time. The question then turns out to be: Is Dr Buss pulling our leg?

Among ancient Greeks, a common wall for two houses was a forbidden arrangement. Overcrowded compounds developed among the Romans to lodge an ever-increasing, permanently unemployed urban proletariat, while the patricians maintained the Greek tradition of isolated manors in the country (the villas). The present-day megalopolis is a further development of proletarian compounds, and cavelike.

2/ Whatever the housing, sexual intercourse still can take place unnoticed, due to either stealth or secluded and/or impersonal settings. Contemporary women’s independence may well offer numerous opportunities in this respect, especially the fact that they have entered the workplace (when the economy had already ceased to create jobs): “In the modern sexually integrated workplace, men and women who share similar interests work side by side for eight or more hours each day. Repeated workplace flirtations flower into perilous passions.” (Buss 2000).

Another consequence of women working is the drastic decline of breast-feeding. An argument of opponents to breast-feeding is precisely that it’s incompatible with the pursuing of careers by women. When a woman returns to work after a pregnancy, she cannot breastfeed her baby while she’s at work. Although overlooking this reason behind the widespread opposition to it, in his book Baby Wars Dr Baker makes a strong case for breast-feeding, given its many advantages: “Studies that have divided breast-fed babies into categories based on length of breast-feeding have found that those breast-fed the longest did best in terms of avoiding diseases such as gastrointestinal illness, upper respiratory illness, multiple sclerosis, diabetes and heart disease. Also, the babies nursed the longest scored the highest in IQ tests.” (BW 90) & “One benefit of breast-feeding … is its influence on a woman’s ability to regain her pre-pregnancy weight, shape and attractiveness. Even more seriously, breast-feeding influences a woman’s chances of developing breast cancer.” (BW 98).

Seduction or Hysteria?

The present section is an annex to the appraisal of infidelity opportunities. Its title consists of two archaisms. The first (seduction) was sometimes used in the sense of rape, especially in the legal jargon. The second (hysteria) refers to a discarded pathology.

A not so remote affair, in France (the 2004-05 Outreau trial), involved several children accusing a number of adults of repeated pedophilic acts (a pedophile ring); after a first judgment convicting several adults, the public learnt that the children had lied. A similar topic was already hot in the nineteenth century, as the sex war raged in tribunals by proxy of rapist males and blackmailing or fantasizing females. It was claimed that manipulation by adults, hysteria, as well as personal interest and spite, would provide the ground for frequent false accusations by children and women against innocent men.

In England, Dr Lawson Tait was commissioned to produce a report on false accusations of rape (published in 1893). His conclusions were that women had a powerful weapon at their disposal and so were to be expected to use it: “Matters are such … that however men may laugh at it and make jokes, they do not willingly travel with single unknown female companions in railway carriages. They know very well that for a man to have the finger of a woman pointed at him with a charge of a sexual offence is to secure that man’s extinction, no matter what the verdict of a jury may be.” (Quoted in The Legal Subjection of Men, 1896, by Ernest Belfort Bax, who adds: “A woman can accuse a man of sexual irregularities with absolute impunity. But it is not to be supposed that he is to have a like privilege. A special statute (Slander of Women Act) passed a few years ago, makes such slander of a woman actionable.”) This report, and the book which quotes it, by a Socialist essayist** who also authored a manifesto jointly with William Morris, may be a case of male chauvinism at its worst, covering the acts of rapists – or it may not.

What the society thinks of herself (let us give it the feminine gender) and of the practices in her bosom, the way she apprehends and analyses them, retroacts on her. When she publicizes the idea that women have an interest in making false accusations, she incites men to commit rapes because the probability to escape condemnation increases (juries and judges are “primed”). On the other hand, when she publicizes the idea that man is a sexual predator, she incites women to make false accusations (e.g. as blackmail). When one priming is stronger than the other, the opposite tendency takes advantage. When one tendency is stronger than the other (men are more predators than women are blackmailers or vice-versa) and at the same time the society is convinced that the other tendency is stronger and must be thwarted, or even the society remains neutral, then the stronger tendency maintains its position to the detriment of victims, because juries and judges are rarely above holistic perceptions of the society on herself, even in the presence of evidence.

In his time, the revolution in Sigmund Freud’s thinking, abandoning his “seduction theory” for the view that hysterical and neurotic women’s memories of seduction from childhood are fantasies (and symptoms), may have been influenced by this debate and by the extant documentation on false accusations of seduction (including by hysterics, as reported by French Dr Brouardel: cf. E. B. Bax).

Woman’s Anatomy

Evolutionary biology has explained the function of the different parts of woman’s anatomy and why men are attracted toward some traits rather than others: These traits are markers for fertility and good child-rearing. For instance, “Whereas the babies of other primates can cling to their mother’s body hair as they travel, human babies and infants tend to perch on their mother’s hip, supported by a restraining arm. Hips are perches. This is why the ideal female shape … gives a waist considerably small than the hips and why males have been programmed to find such a shape attractive.” (Baker, BW 101). And female breasts are made of soft tissue because they serve as airbags (BW).

Hips are perches and steatopygia, a characteristic of (among others) prehistoric Venus figurines, is a driver’s stand (see picture below).



*“Die Ursache der Erregung des Ekels, den die Angewohnheit eines andern in uns erregt, ist, weil das Tier hier gar zu sehr aus dem Menschen hervorspringt, das instinktmäßig nach der Regel der Angewöhnung gleich als eine andere (nichtmenschliche) Natur geleitet wird und so Gefahr läuft, mit dem Vieh in eine und dieselbe Klasse zu geraten.

**No less than George Bernard Shaw recommended the man to me: “I hardly noticed Schopenhauer’s disparagements of women when they came under my notice later on, so thoroughly had Bax familiarized me with the homoist attitude, and forced me to recognize the extent to which public opinion, and consequently legislation and jurisprudence, is corrupted by feminist sentiment.” (Preface to Major Barbara, 1906)

March 7, 2016