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Business Cerumen (Tweetantho 11)

Dec 2017-March 2018. Mix of English and French.


The more you call people Nazis the more they become Zionists.


Recruitment campaign for the French army: Poster shows guy with legend “I’m ‘coming back from far’ and I’ll go far.” ‘Come back from far,’ a French phrase (revenir de loin), means back from far in the wrong direction: delinquent, drugs fiend, homey, pimp… Tells us the sociology of the army. Then they disparage ISIS “foreign fighters” as former delinquents. Look in the mirror, boys!


1/ U.S. foreign ‘aid’ is a way corrupt elites of developing countries put their countries in endless debt, allowing U.S. a say in their internal affairs. 2/ Cut U.S. aid to Pakistan and Pakistani elites will crumble, then the Pakistani people will rise independent and proud, free from American imperialist interference.


Protests by Islamic groups against Santa Claus in Pakistan. I entirely support these groups. Why should there be Santa in Pakistan and no Islamic call to prayer –adhan– in Western countries?


Un policier invité sur BFMTV explique que tweeter/diffuser des vidéos de l’agression de policiers à Champigny-Sur-Marne est illégal. Or BFMTV en diffuse en présence du policier, donc BFMTV est dans l’illégalité. – Mais le monsieur ne parle que des “racailles” qui abusent des smartphones, sans avoir l’air de penser un seul instant qu’un média comme BFMTV n’est pas non plus au-dessus des lois.


If Iranians are angry about high prices in Iran, as Western media says on the occasion of nation-scale riots in Iran, the main culprit is the American imperialist embargo.


Je n’arrêterai pas d’agir – Les vœux d’Emmanuel Macron pour l’année 2018 (Le Figaro)

“Je n’arrêterai pas d’agir” : la phrase à retenir ? C’est dire quelque chose ou ne rien dire ?


US places Pakistan on watch list for religious freedom violations. (Reuters, Jan 4)

Pakistan will then enjoy the same distinction as France, as France doesn’t let American brainwashing cults such as Scientology behave uncontrolled on her territory.


You think you’re watching the news and it’s only war propaganda. #Media


Trained by Israeli Mossad:


Missile Scare

Hawaii Missile Scare by text message (Jan 13): Mass hysteria via smartphones => Hysteria phones.

The false alert was sent to all Hawaii residents by text message at one and the same time instructing them to “seek immediate shelter.” How many casualties did the false alert provoke by urging people to seek shelter immediately? There surely are casualties (videos of children being rushed into storm drains went viral). How many? Tell us, journos, do your job.

It was a text message-induced mass panic. All panic movements provoke casualties: How many casualties from this blunder?


One day after the (according to police) ‘sudden’ but ‘not suspicious’ death of Dolores O’Riordan (46), singer of the Cranberries, still no claim of responsibility by the Real Irish Republican Army (RIRA). #humor


If we look at 9/11, approximately 50% of Americans don’t believe official explanation of their government » (Waking Times Media)

How many Americans approve U.S.’s invasion of Afghanistan – as 9/11 triggered the invasion (whose alleged aim was to chase Talibans who would have being sheltering the people responsible for the attack)?


#MyFirstDateWas doomed

a girl about whom I couldn’t care less and who therefore didn’t make me too nervous…


Jordan says Israel apologizes for killing of two Jordanians in July 2017 shooting incident in Israeli Embassy in Amman. (ESISC)

A very discreet, and late (July 2017=>January 2018), apology for Jordanians killed by their ally Israel.


#PutAPositiveSpinOnBadNews 5 U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan today. U.S. is there to stay.


#MakeAFilmLessInteresting Elephant Manure


“The US Government is officially shut down. … This should not greatly affect the US Military or International Relations at this time.” Yeah? The only meaning this can have is that U.S. Gov is a nonentity. When it makes no difference whether you’re shut down or not, then you’re not for real.


Dear @Twitter why is the #MeToo emoji pink? What was the reasoning behind it? It feels exclusionary. What are your thoughts #RoseArmy? (Rose McGowan)

You may have a point and some of the trolls who are taking the opportunity to abuse you for this alleged trifle are the same who’ll explain why some chain of fastfood restaurants use so much the yellow and the red based on neurosciences. Pink has its own mental associations and you’re probably right to see it as a bad choice for #Metoo, which deals with a serious matter of concern and I don’t know of pink flannel suits. Pink will put it in the same category as lollipops, girl pajamas and illusory elephants. In a multimedia time the illiterates are those who overlook the nonverbal (while absorbing it).


U.S. has 5% of world population and 25% of world prison population, and half inmates are in prison for drugs (source: Rampage 2 by Uwe Boll). The great majority of inmates condemned for drugs are blacks and the great majority of black inmates WORK in prison. For peanuts. This is still slavery.


Spielberg’s films are full of clichés about Arabs, who would need an Indiana hillbilly Jones to teach them civilization. I stand with Lebanon in boycotting The Post/Pentagon Papers movie.


Je n’aime pas ces islamophobes qui se font passer pour des agents assermentés luttant incognito contre la radicalisation sur internet. Ils donnent une mauvaise image des institutions. Il faut punir ces délinquants.

Rabid Islamophobes parading as possible incognito official spies countering radicalization on the Web are taking the opportunity to abuse pacifists and opponents and call them terrorists; apparently governments let them do, as they might see it as serving their war-propaganda purposes.


At least 40 people were killed in the attack on Kabul’s Intercontinental Hotel at the weekend, almost double the earlier toll: official figures. (Warfare Analysis SHR)

Note that the official toll is now –at last– the same as earlier unofficial toll by informed officials. Is there a tendency to minimize the toll of terror attacks to the public? That would be a major transparency issue.


Christian Zionists want Muslim migrants to go back to Muslim countries. I want Christian Zionists to emigrate to Israel and stay there; that’s the country for them.


Journo Billy: “Views are my own and not my employer’s” even though my job is to voice his opinions and by the way he paid for my many followers.


Why is Larry Nassar (USA Gymnastics sex abuse scandal) already convicted and why will Harvey Weinstein never be?


Algeria: a terrorist surrenders to authorities in Tamanrasset. (Feb 6, ESISC)

Among Algerian terrorists some members of the Islamic Salvation Front (Front islamique du salut FIS) that won the first round of 1991 legislative election with 188 out of 231 seats (about 82%) before the army cancelled the election Pinochet-style. What were they supposed to do, then?


#LaMarineRecrute Des campagnes de pub tous les 3 mois : ils recrutent, vous forment à peine, vous jettent comme des kleenex. C’est un ex-cuistot de la Marine qui me l’a dit, viré au bout de quelques mois [sans motif]. Désolé mais la vérité c’est que vous aurez des contrats plus longs chez Daech.


United States: State Department designates Hamas leader as terrorist (Jan 31, ESISC)

They labelled Fidel Castro a terrorist too. So what? “Para ellos ser revolucionario, ser simplemente progresista o luchador por la democracia, es ser terrorista.” (Castro)


“Hours before she was set to appear at the promotional event for her well-timed autobiography, Rose McGowan &c” (Alexa Harrison, Variety)

“her well-timed autobiography”… They’re innuendoing that the rape trial is a sales pitch for Rose’s autobiography. With such innuendoes the journalists are damaging in a general sort of way the victims’ right to complain and ask for justice, as victims would then have to be careful not to make legal complaints look like self-promotion.

If a jury (and/or public opinion) thinks you’re instrumentalizing a trial, your odds at that trial are impaired, and that’s what I’m blaming the paper for: trying to impair Rose’s odds at the trial.

So many women have already testified on media against Weinstein; if they do it before a court now, as witnesses, I can’t see how Rose would lose her case unless the court rules that on principle women’s testimony on rape or sexual assault isn’t reliable.


People yelling “Everything is free,” looting, trashing this gas station. Damn it, Philly we better than this. (Feb 4, Stephanie Farr, journalist at Philadelphia Enquirer)

Shoplifting has long ceased to be a heinous crime, and at a time when some states are already experimenting with Universal Basic Income #UBI i.e. with giving people food and stuff for free, such complaints are a bit, say, out of fashion.

You can’t even exclude that the whole thing is an insurance scam by the store owners and the ‘looters’ are paid. Yes, a scam by the absentee proprietors, sending paid ‘looters’ to con their insurance company, without warning their clerk, of course, who’ll be frightened out of his mind. (The clerk’s an illegal, by the way.)


The Shah of Iran was Pinochet number 309.


According to Unesco study 2015 (cf Wkpd List of countries by literacy rates), gender differences in literacy rates in UAE is -2.6%, which means Emirati girls are more literate than boys (by a not insignificant margin).


Les pays les plus analphabètes au monde sont parmi les anciennes colonies françaises d’Afrique noire (cf Wkpd List of countries by literacy rates). Le record mondial de l’illettrisme est le 19,1% d’alphabétisation du Niger, où l’armée française se trouve en ce moment pour défendre ce brillant héritage.


Le taux d’alphabétisation du Bhoutan est de seulement 64,9%. Il faut croire que ça ne fait pas partie de l’indice de bonheur national brut (BNB) préconisé par son roi.


2016 ITU (International Telecommunications Union) Survey (cf Wkpd List of countries by number of Internet users): Only 76% of U.S. population uses Internet vs 97% Norway, Denmark; 95% UK, Qatar; 92% Japan, South Korea; 90% Canada, Germany, United Arab Emirates; 88% Australia, NZ; 85% France; 80% Puerto Rico, Bahamas… Is U.S. a sh*thole country?

According to this survey, Internet use rate in U.S. is actually one of the lowest in the Western world and also lower than such countries as Russia, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kuwait, Barbados…


Boycott Israel? No US state jobs or aid for you. Survivors of Hurricane Harvey in Texas must certify that they don’t and won’t boycott Israel in a state aid application.

This is illegal discrimination and must be brought before Supreme Court as soon as possible.


Halte à la publicité déloyale! L’armée française parle toujours des chars Leclerc et jamais des chars Carrefour ou des chars Franprix.


Why won’t Twitter let me scroll my T/L as long as I want?! I’m fed up with these monopolists. We will collectivize you sooner than you think.


Have you seen the movie The Stuff (1985) by Larry Cohen? A fiction where a RIGHT-WING MILITIA saves the USA. Literally. And it’s not even a good film!


France: Marine Le Pen indicted in Nanterre for relaying photos of Islamic State abuses in December 2015. (Mar 1, ESISC)

On what legal ground? Apology of terrorism?



(See my 1998 essay La Théorie de l’agir communicationnel de Jürgen Habermas here)

1 / “Peter Sloterdijk responded by proclaiming the death of the Frankfurt School, to which Habermas belongs, writing that “the days of hyper-moral sons of national-socialist fathers are coming to an end.” (Feb 25, The New Yorker)

Habermas was probably the only member of the Frankfurt School with a national-socialist father, though. Marcuse? Horkheimer? Adorno? W. Benjamin?…

Yes, it’s a bit of a cheap shot. There maybe a few latter-day adherents like Habermas who had a Nazi father, but, in the main, they definitely didn’t. (D. Curren)

Yes, very cheap. Very cheap and to be expected from a media-respected personality.

2/ ‚Die Deutschen brauchen keinen Macron‘- Interview mit Jürgen Habermas über die deutsch-französischen Beziehungen Le Point Ausgabe vom 15.02.2018.

I can’t understand how a thinker like Habermas lets himself be trapped in such futile debates. Sartre would never have done that.

3 / What’s sorely missing in the US IMO, the ability for deep thinkers to interact with a larger, non-academic public. Huge kudos to Le Point [for his interview with Habermas] (F. Guarino)

Habermas is the worst possible example of a thinker interacting with the public. In his books it’s Kritische Theorie to the power of 10, in public it’s only “EU is a good thing”…


Mali/FLASH: JNIM (Jama’a Nusrat ul-Islam wal-Muslimin) issues a new video demonstrating deteriorating state of health of the French hostage Sophie Petronin. (Mar 1, ESISC)

What are they waiting for to pay JNIM top money and deny it, like every other time?


One scholar stressed there’s more violence in the Bible than in the Quran. I’d like to add there are far more fairy tales too.


After years of slandering the victims of Sandy Hook and other tragedies, Alex Jones begging a Parkland survivor to help him get back on good terms with YouTube. (Blue-sticker user Chris Wilson)

This blue-sticker user vents his shadenfreude at a citizen being censored by a private company with dominant market position. He could be next, if he’s got anything to say. Our concern should be what recourse citizens have in such a situation.


If they only limited the maximum age to 65 to run for president Trump Hillary and Reagan wouldn’t have been eligible. The congress is no better. Why is our government being run by senior citizens? (John Parker)

And how is it possible to be a filthy monopolist at 25, like the GAFA filthy monopolists? “Hello there, I’m the new kid on the block, from college to world monopolist in no time! IT magic! One’s got to have nose, you see, I mean flair. Cerumen, I mean acumen, business acumen!” America believes in fairies.


Ouaga / Sahel

Plusieurs heures après le début d’une attaque terroriste majeure à Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) et la mort de plusieurs attaquants, toujours pas de victimes selon les autorités et les médias. Quel beau consensus !

Je n’ai jamais vu qu’on ne fasse pas état du nombre de victimes connu en temps réel, ce qui s’appelle un bilan provisoire. Ici le bilan provisoire après quelque 4 heures depuis le début de l’attaque : ZERO. Journalistes bidons, aux ordres, les bons toutous.

Ça fait partie du métier de journaliste de donner un bilan provisoire. Si l’armée ou les autorités leur disent de ne pas faire leur boulot, ce ne sont pas des journalistes, ce sont des lopettes, qui devraient changer de job.

La gestion de l’information au Burkina Faso avec l’attaque aujourd’hui à Ouagadougou (pas de bilan provisoire à aucun moment) me fait penser à une dictature. Si c’est une dictature, les attaquants ne sont pas des terroristes mais des combattants de la liberté.

Le “premier bilan” intervient quand tout est fini. Ce n’est pas ce que j’appelle un bilan provisoire (en temps réel). C’est de l’info bidon concoctée dans des bureaux ministériels, sans recoupements possibles. Si c’est ça le standard, alors pas de doute, c’est bien une dictature.

Vous exigez un bilan “provisoire” et dénoncez des bilans qui seraient non recoupés… ah ok… pas à une contradiction…

Les médias doivent donner des “bilans provisoires”, chacun selon ses sources et comptages, ce qui permet de recouper avec un bilan officiel final, pour être sûr que celui-ci n’est pas de l’enfumage, du bidon. Ça vous paraît un excès de zèle ?

J’ai suivi en live d’autres attaques et me suis déjà fait la réflexion qu’il y avait un problème avec le Burkina cet été (juste avant Barcelone). Là, ça recommence. Pendant l’attaque contre l’hôtel international à Kaboul, par exemple, les bilans provisoires affluaient toutes les dix minutes.

French media is substandard like the French army. In Sahel they get their intelligence from US army drones. They can do nothing on their own.

Don’t try to say something when you don’t know…

Turns out that I know. Let me show you: “Forte coopération militaire … Les Américains sont très présents au Niger, notamment sur l’aéroport d’Agadez (nord) avec une base gérant des drones qui surveillent la zone sahélienne.” (France 24, Oct 6, 2017 La mort de trois soldats américains au Niger révèle leur présence au Sahel) And Barkhane forces wouldn’t get the intel? L’article ajoute : “Les militaires opérant sur cette base [la base américaine] ne sortent toutefois qu’extrêmement rarement de cette position. ” Les Américains sortent à peine de leur base. Ils font plutôt tourner leurs drones et disent aux Français où aller se faire tirer dessus. En leur souhaitant de ne pas trop se faire dézinguer.

#Ouagadougou Don’t spread false informations, rumors or videos of the victims/security forces. Follow & RT ONLY official sources. Don’t be a dumbass. (T. A., “Defense observer” [from France])

Be adult people and let journalists do their job. Compare coverage of attack at Kabul International Hotel and Ouagadougou and feel the shame.

Today they say it’s 8 victims (killed) in Ouagadougou, the day before yesterday it was 1, yesterday it was 30, & tomorrow? Stop the BS. Information management in Burkina Faso, with the help of France, is highly problematic.

After a few days of bargaining, as things are going perhaps they’ll reach an agreement at 10-15 dead…

Solidarité avec les victimes de l’attaque de Ouagadougou qui ont disparu du comptage entre hier (30) et aujourd’hui (8).


Anti-Marxist Communism

People say if you hate Marxism you must hate the poor, but that’s not true at all. Many people hate Marxism because they hate women or minorites. (Existential Comics)

There are also Communists who hate Marxism, e.g. Bakunin, H.G. Wells (“I detest Karl Marx”) &c. Marx’s attacks against Proudhon and others Anarchists & Communists were undignified.

Anarchists are Communists, only they aren’t Marxist Communists (& they aren’t even the only Communists not to be Marxists).

F*ck Marx. Signed: A Communist.

Bakunin’s views on what Marxism would make of Communism have turned out to be 100% correct with USSR. As to that other idolatrous Marxist country, China, it’s converted to single-party Capitalism.


All public space granted to advertising is lost for art. Think about revolutionary mural art. [Picture: Mural painting in Nicaragua Sandinista. Click to enlarge.]


Nuclear warheads, 2018. Russia: 6.800 US: 6.600 France: 300 (Warfare Analysis SHR)

Keep a careful watch on France. As you know, small dogs are the most rabid. & their concept of freedom of speech borders on the dictatorial.


“Women in refugee camps in Syria have been forced to offer sexual favours…” @Telegraph you need to fix that & the headline otherwise you’re contributing to the problem. You can’t be *forced* to *offer* something. Forced sexual *favours*??? That’s rape. (I. Butler-Cole)

One member of French government’s just been cleared of rape allegations. Woman said she asked him a favor and he raped her, i.e. by making the favor conditional on sex. Judge said there’s no evidence of rape. If there was evidence of sex, would you say it’s rape eo ipso?

Depends on your framework. Legally debatable; morally no. Coerced consent cannot be consent. When sex is demanded as payment, or in exchange for money, then the sex isn’t freely consensual. I know there are grey lines around this, but the principle is easy enough to live by. (Cherry)

Does it depend on my framework or is it just not consent? You got 3 likes for an answer I can make nothing of. There must be a limit to Pavlov. What depends on my framework? If I’ve got a big framework it’s okay but a small framework no?


En 2014 le chef du protocole de la Ville de Bruxelles arrache en pleine rue le niqab (voile intégral) d’une princesse qatarie, lui arrachant au passage ses boucles d’oreille. Le journal (huffingpost.fr 19.08.2014) écrit: « Les oreilles de la princesse ont chauffé jusqu’au sang. » Pas d’oreilles déchirées, donc ?


MP Mhairi Black reads out some of the sexually aggressive abuse that she receives “day in day out” on social media. A warning – her speech contains very offensive language. (Mar 7, Channel 4 New)

She probably discovered this abuse at the time she read it out loud at the August House. She gets taxpayer money for hiring people to manage her social media, buy Twitter followers &c. Don’t even rule out the abuse is fabricated by herself and her social media hirelings. With anyone else I’d say nothing but with those MP rats you never know.


Journos covering politicians are like flies, always buzzing about turds.

The only reason we have politicos is that journo flies want to keep buzzing about turds. Participative democracy now!


Encore deux Bataclan et il n’y aura plus de démocratie en France.


Tell me how much you earn and I’ll tell you what a SOB you are.

XXX The Science of Sex III

Some further remarks in the discussion of Robin Baker’s Science of Sex (XXVII, XXVIII, XXIX).

Male Masturbation: Is Self-Control Advisable?

After having presented Baker’s view on masturbation, I would like to stress that the model I had outlined on my side is not, to the best of my knowledge, alternative to his view but rather complementary. Baker explains the strategic value of male masturbation in the context of sperm competition, that is mainly for men already involved in regular sexual activity. On my side, as I was thinking on this matter, I had in mind some particular view I had met several times expressed by representatives of the medical institution (for instance in the media), namely that, generally speaking, masturbation stops when people start having regular sexual activity. Keeping this notion in sight, I was led to limit the scope of my reflections to young men masturbating during the period from puberty to regular sexual intercourse.

The first thing to stress here is that, if Baker is right, then the medical discourse alluded to is far off the mark and no accurate picture of reality. According to Baker’s results, male masturbation does not occur much, in fact, if the time elapsed between two intercourses is short, for instance three days, which is the median interval for couples having routine sex (see XXIX), but when the interval increases, the likelihood that the man will masturbate increases also. So, in the mean statistical condition, it is true that men having regular sex do not masturbate as a rule, but we are not entitled to translate this statement into the generalization that men do not masturbate as they engage in routine sex, because, first, not all couples have sex at the rate of the mean interval, and, second, a couple that tends to follow the mean pattern yet may vary in intercourse frequency, so the situations predicted by Baker to have the man masturbate must be numerous enough.

We are confronted here with two different views emanating from scientific authority. Knowing what has led Baker to his conclusions, I tend to adopt his point of view. I am even willing to explain the diverging opinion by relying on Baker’s own theory. The medical discourse that I have many reasons to consider, at least in my country (France), as mainstream, for having met it expressed several times and consistently, with no objection from nowhere, could be another, and most awful, instance of that spiteful hypocrisy at the root of the popular prejudice against masturbation. That it is expressed from men of science should come as no surprise – although it is much regrettable – because men of science are still men, often enough. The profound thinker Bakunin said: “We recognize the absolute authority of science but reject the infallibility and universality of the representatives of science.” (in Dieu et l’État; my translation from the original French).

In the same way as Baker did not hesitate to hold his views against what I perceive as a scientific consensus (but I may be mistaken as to the extent of that opinion among physicians and biologists), I for the present stick to my own view that the popular prejudice against masturbation is not altogether devoid of reasonable ground. First of all, let us stress that popular morals, as Kant call it, is, as the philosopher said himself, the very same as practical reason, and as a consequence one is allowed, provisionally, to regard its prejudice against masturbation as practical reason too – not to mention the fact that Kant expressed negative views on masturbation explicitly. We shall not discuss Kant’s views here, however, because he and I may differ in our reasons. As I believe I made clear in XXVIII and XXIX, my advocation of some masturbation refrainment is not intended as a norm for living an ascetic life but as a practical advice to reach one’s sexual objectives more quickly and efficiently, if this be possible, in an environment where no whorehouses are left.

The main point is that temporary constraint makes good effect on surrounding women. I tried to put it in biological terms reminiscent of pheromones and like phenomena, but my theorizing goes not much further (for more details see Science of Sex I & II). However, another reason may come in handy, because it is consistent with findings of evolutionary psychology, namely that refraining from masturbation would indicate to women a capacity to self-control and hence likelihood of high status in the foreseeable future. Indeed, one fact that seems to hold true is that women, as they look for a mate, are particularly receptive to status. This, by the way, has a number of implications: “Males have the potential to reproduce at a much faster rate than do females, and the reproductive success of males (unlike that of females) is limited mainly by mating opportunities. Because mating opportunities benefit males more than females, and because higher status males get more mating opportunities, selection on males tend to strongly favour the ability to succeed in status competition.” (Price & Johnson 2011).

According to the longitudinal Stanford marshmallow experiment, children capable of self-control, later in life get higher SAT scores and better educational attainments, which mean higher socioprofessional status. In this experiment, several children were asked to wait a few minutes alone in a room, with a marshmallow conspicuously displayed on a table. They were told they would be given two marshmallows if they did not eat the one on the table before the adult returns. This is a measure of self-control. Those who delayed gratification, and got two marshmallows instead of one, got higher SAT scores and so on later in life. The experiment is a confirmation of a preconception deep-rooted in popular morals.

If a woman, therefore, can perceive that a young man, whose later status in life can only be guessed so far, is capable of self-control, then, due not only to the recent results of the marshmallow experiment, which she may know, but also, and perhaps primarily, to a deep-rooted popular conception, then she would evaluate his future status as being high and thus be more willing to become his girlfriend in the present – as a good investment for the future, perhaps. Of course, there must be many different clues of future high status, one’s being the son of a nabob representing another rather safe bet for instance, but none is to neglect, I suppose.

As to self-control, there certainly exists many ways for a person to assess it in another person, and had the designers of the marshmallow experiment been smart guys they would have collected as many data on the children’s psychology as possible, which they perhaps did. It is my belief that a young man able to withhold masturbation for a while distinguishes himself in other ways, but he would not distinguish himself as much were he not withholding masturbation for a while, because then he would be… a wanker. Sorry for the circularity… You know what I mean, don’t you?

And, again, as I already warned (XXVIII), there still is the risk for the young woman that the self-controlled guy turns a Kantian philosopher rather than a smart organization man. Well, but maybe she can do something about it.

High Status, Reproductive Success, and the Organization Man

As Baker, and other behavioral ecologists, assure us, high-status men make more children than low-status men. “Even in contemporary Western society high-income men have more biological children than low-income men, whereas among women the opposite is true (Hopcroft 2005; Nettle and Pollock 2008).” (Buunk, Pollet, Dijkstra & Massar 2011). & “Men worldwide exhibit more risk taking, promiscuity, and dominance behaviors, and those who achieve positions of status have superior access to mates and enhanced reproductive success.” (Browne 2011).

Before we turn to other Darwinians holding a diametrically opposite view (and ‘tis a bit strange that I should have to talk of views when trying to determine what lies before our eyes, which should only call for sight, and not views), let us be precise. According to the first of the two quotes above, high-income men sire a significant number of children that single low-income women and/or low-income couples are raising, presumably at the latter’s own expense.

In XXIX, I quoted the scholar Laura Betzig stating that industrialization put an end to extent reproductive inequalities in favor of high-status men – as a consequence, she surmises, of technical specialization. Another instance can be found in Deirdre Barrett (Harvard Medical School): “Despite our instincts to claim yet more objects, land, and possessions, the wealthy and powerful no longer have more offspring.” (Supernormal Stimuli, 2010, p. 170). Barrett advances birth control as a cause, an hypothesis Baker has extensively discussed and disproved (see XXIX). She adds: “The controversial 1994 The Bell Curve … outlined research indicating one indisputable fact. People doing less well by most criteria – IQ, years of education, money earned, a stable family unit, and the like – now produce the most offspring. In the developed world at least, the vast majority of children who are born will survive. If their parents aren’t able to provide for them, people with more ressources will contribute or outrigh adopt them. The offspring of the less successful survive to reproductive age, and pass along their genes at a faster pace than anyone else.” (ibid., p. 171). That book, The Bell Curve, by Herrnstein and Murray, is called by Barrett controversial, because, beside some discussions on racial matters, it is a reformulation of a view that I believe used to be commonplace among Darwinians decades ago as they described their own time, namely that society would be jeopardized by its own impediments to natural selection; and it is controversial because twentieth-century totalitarian regimes are alleged to have drawn practical conclusions from that view. This is not what we shall discuss presently. I wanted to call the reader’s attention to two diverging ways of construing our current reality by scholars otherwise holding the same Darwinian tenets.

I have already brought a few elements to this discussion, to which I refer the reader. What can be added here is that as, according to the marshmallow experiment, self-control correlates positively to educational attainments and high status, the view that high-status men inseminate relatively more women unlawfully (if not illegally) than low-status men, more lacking in self-control, strikes one as a little odd.

What definition exactly the authors of the different studies cited give to high status may be a point to consider in the present confusion. Another line of argument in The Bell Curve is that college degrees have become the main accessway to high status in today’s societies, contrary to the past. Other studies show that our economies are organization-driven, and high-status men are for the most part organization men, selected for their degrees. Cut-throat competition is now the specializing of the shadowy middleman or small businessman, some of them indeed making fairly considerable earnings without a college degree, but for many an observer this class of man is under threat of extinction, and at the very least does not represent the current economic elite.

Among these small businessmen, one is likely to find a fair deal of uneducated and at the same time well-off men – because uneducated, likely to lack self-control, and because well-off, in a position to take advantage of status differences in order to increase one’s reproductive success. But the organization man is another breed: he could not have got his degree without some ability to defer gratification, and he could not work in a pyramidal, hierarchical, gregarious organization without maintaining self-control at a fairly high level. The organization man has much in common with the Jesuit (perinde ac cadaver).

As I am writing these lines, I am asking myself, in what fairyland I think I’m living, so I’ll stop here because I have not enough data to keep slandering small businessmen and extolling corporate executives.

As to the small-business scale, though, many a startup nowadays is the offshoot of some university professor or student, or of a clique of such, who took advantage of the cocoon provided by their academic institution to develop their ideas and business plan completely proof to market pressures, and then enter the market to bust competing businesses. Such cynicism I have dubbed varsity capitalism. Even on this scale degrees tend to be the norm.

What can be said as a parenthesis is that if self-control is a clue of high status in the foreseeable future, then the theory of the two swords, by which medieval Papacy claimed all power on this earth, that is the legitimicay that both the mundane and spiritual swords rest in her own hands, is not completely unwarranted. Out of the world, which is the monk’s place, means at the top of it: by controlling your passions, you rise above the world of passions, and above is a dominating position. The solid chain of philosophers that have discredited political claims by the Church makes it foolhardy to try to justify these claims today. Yet, these philosophers themselves, as far as is known from their biographies, practiced the same passion- and self-control relied upon by Church clerics, and some of them extolled the virtues of monastic contemplative life. Their indictment bore upon the doctrine rather than upon the ethics. As to the doctrine, it probably evolved in part from the natural need of strong incentives in order to tread the way of asceticism, incentives not needed by more strong-minded philosophers. An early form of such incentives may be the claim to charismata and magic powers, which in turn might be nothing but the inner strength evidenced by the man capable of self-control.

A last word on these mystical objects. Why asceticism, in the first place? It may be that it was important in the past, as ressources were scarce, to be able to delay gratification and develop self-control, that is to be able to put up with scarcity. But, make no mistake, if it was advantageous in the past because of scarcity, it is still advantageous today, because of abundance. It is a new breed of ascetics that will survive the obesity epidemics.

Sex Conditioning

Whatever may be the true relationship between high status and reproduction in our societies, Darwinians, as a rule, very much minimize the possibilities of conditioning. Yet, the very idea of ‘conditional strategies’, that is of the genetic program translating into alternative behaviors depending on the characteristics of the environment, warrants, as it is in men’s power to modify their environment, extreme voluntarism and interventionism in the political field, rather than the laissez faire seemingly advocated by the great bulk of Darwinians. A quote from Jean-Paul Sartre will provide some light in the matter: “[The antisemite] being, like all other men, a freedom in situation, it is his situation that must be thoroughly modified: it suffices to change the perspectives of choice for the choice to alter … freedom decides upon different bases, according to different structures.” (my translation from Réflexions sur la question juive). Compare with Baker’s definition of conditional strategies: “Conditional strategies are the main causes of differences in behaviour, not only between individuals but also between cultures. Different geographical regions, different periods of history, provide different environments with different opportunities and risks – such as variations in risk of disease – thus triggering different behaviour. As a result, cultures differ in what are considered to be societal norms for parenting. Natural selection was in fact the architect, but culture is a plagiarist and invariably claims to have thought of the rules for itself.” (BW 291-2). I do not know whether Baker read Sartre, but had he not I wouldn’t blame him, for it is evident that what the literary Sartre calls freedom is, no matter how much in situation, determinism. But the idea is the same, and Baker’s own conclusion is not quite warranted either, I believe. We have at our disposal a power on our environment (not to mention purposeful breeding or genomic intervention), the environment that will determine in the last resort, through the mechanism of conditional strategies, our behaviors. How we shall use this power, we are bound (or free, if you prefer) to decide in the abstract.

Human agency itself is environment and shapes human behaviors, especially through conditioning technologies. In the sixties, Stanley Rachman allegedly conditioned people to be sexually aroused by the sight of boots, and sexual fetishim is a well-known phenomenon. Some of these deviations may be so overpowering on the human psyche that they completely impair reproduction. It is my belief that we are living in a media environment contrived as a conditioning technology impairing human reproduction. Under one of its guises, I have named it silver-screen conditioning (see XXVIII). The contrivance has a momentum of its own and it is leading to the overriding of genetic life. The main impetus is provided by our production apparatus and its reliance upon the satisfaction of secondary needs, beside primary, biological needs. Basically, our media, as a sales force, advertise products and services that satisfy secondary needs, via an appeal (including subliminal) to primary, namely sexual urges, with the effect that a massive sexual fetishism is induced toward gadgets and logos. It is not, as many evolutionary biologists and psychologists will contend, that Rachman’s guinea-pigs want the boots because the boots will enhance their mating success: they want the boots because they are aroused by them and they do not care about their mating success at all. Current Darwinian view on the motivations of consumption is far off the mark, or rather it is already superseded. We have been conditioned beyond reproductive purposes.

In XXIX, I have contended that only a collapse of technological civilization could preserve genetic transmission. Such a collapse in the future is not to be excluded, due to the influx of populations extremely averse and hostile to the mass-conditioning which the Western man is subjected to. Alternative scenarios may involve ‘structural overloading’ (Stoddard) or blackout. Otherwise, the medium is the message, and the message is: Goodbye, humanity.

January 22, 2016