Tw-14 Un plan banlieues pour le Sahel

Tweet anthology juin-juillet 2018 Français/English

He was shocked by the intellectual stupidity of the master class. … ‘I found nothing but stupidity, except for business.’” (Jack London, The Iron Heel)

As for business, I shall never succeed at it. I am not in sympathy with it. It strikes me as dull, and stupid, and mercenary, and tricky. Anyway I am not adapted for it. I’d never get beyond a clerckship, and how could you and I be happy on the paltry earnings of a clerk?” (Jack London, Martin Eden)


Jack London replied quite convincingly to those who objected to his anthromorphism in his essay The Other Animals (Revolution and Other Essays,1909). Dog’s brain has grey matter and inside some limits dogs can reason (not all instinct). London has been proven correct by the specialists of our day against the specialists of his day.

According to London, in the mentioned essay, there is nothing wrong with anthropomorphism as far as “the other animals” are concerned. The essay’s title stresses that it is even absurd to talk of anthropomorphism, as if there were such a dividing line; that is outdated theology.


(Video) A group of flamingos is seen swimming in flooded water after Typhoon Ewiniar brought heavy rainfall to the city of Guangzhou in south China. (People’s Daily, China)

I guess the Chinese must resent these peaceful flamingos as the rainfall spoiled their crops and gardens… As they resent pandas in their bamboo forests… As they resent everything because they’re more than a billion but the world doesn’t speak Chinese.

Don’t you take any medicine? (some Chinese bot)

The Chinese are experts at giving “medicine” to dissidents – political prisoners treated like insane people. Numerous cases before UN Human Rights Committee.


Islam Indonesia


Photos: Mujahidah Pembela Islam (MPI): “Female Mujahid Defender of Islam,” women’s branch of the Front Pembela Islam (FPI).


Yahyia Cholil Staquf, head of Nadhlatul Ulama (NU), goes to Israel and meets Israel’s Prime Minister. The true face of a moderate: A supporter of Zionist extremism and terrorism.


Lima Catatan Akademisi Soal Kunjungan Yahya Staquf ke Israel.

Five Considerations on the blamable visit of NU’s head to Israel, by Dr A.Menardi

(Of which #3 is) The visit will serve as evidence to the Zionists that not all Indonesians reject diplomatic relations with them, although such relations are contrary to the Indonesian Constitution’s provision that colonialism be abolished all over the world.


As the Front Pembela Islam (FPI) gets support from educated classes (Alvara Survey 2018), expect USZio-backed dictators to crack down on it and ironlock the country as it happened in Egypt with the crushing of the Muslim Brotherhood.


HRS Bilang Pilpres Akan Berhadapan Poros Mekkah VS Poros Beijing, Politisi Golkar Keberatan.

“Head of Front Pembela Islam Habib Rizieq Shihab says Indonesia’s 2019 Presidential Election will be ‘Makka Axis vs Beijing Axis.’” True, the West has already vanished.


Umat Muslim Asli Pegunungan Tengah, di Hitigima Jayawijaya merakan Idul Fitri tetap dengan tradisi Bakar Batu.. cuma babi nya diganti dengan ayam. (Timur Matahari)

(Pictures) Muslim Papua: “Highlands Papua celebrate Eid el-Fitr with traditional ‘stone barbecue’ (bakar batu)… only, wild pigs are replaced by chickens [due to Islamic interdict on pork meat].” My disclaimer: This is no endorsement of Indonesian policy in Irian Jaya (Indonesian Papua).


“Selama kemerdekaan bangsa Palestina belum diserahkan kepada orang-orang Palestina, maka selama itulah bangsa Indonesia berdiri menantang penjajahan Israel.” (Soekarno)

“As long as Palestine’s independence has not been granted to Palestinians, so long will the Indonesian nation stand up against Israeli occupation.” (Soekarno)


Question: How is immigration to a country good for the working class of that country? If your answer is that it is good for the working class because it’s good for business, then please refrain from answering or I may want to block you.


Scabs! Not only do the Chinese attract Western companies for their longer working days, they don’t even respect Western work legislation: “No eight hour for them. It’s eighteen hours. The last coolie is a partner with a microscopic share. That’s the way Wing Fo Wong gets around the eight hour law.” (Jack London, The Little Lady of the Big House)


Si le FLN, mouvement armé clandestin, n’avait pas commis de « lâches attentats terroristes » à répétition contre l’occupant oppresseur, l’Algérie serait encore une colonie française de bons bicots.


Sequel to ‘Mad-Dog Democracy) (Tw-13) (i.e. 2% of Israeli population is an active soldier [176,500/8.547M])

2% of the whole population makes 4% of male population. Given a conservative 40% for age population 18-65 (cf Wkpd ‘Demographics of Israel’: 0-14 27.5% and >65 10%), that makes 1 Israeli male adult out of 10 being an active soldier. « Les Soldats, la plus vile partie de toutes les Nations » (Montesquieu)


The Nigerian Law School has accepted to call Amasa Firdaus to bar with her Hijab. Approves use of Hijab during call to bar. (Just Event Online)

The mop of sheep wool on her head is a horror but, still, good news! Yes to hijab, no to ridiculous sheep wigs, drag queen wigs (2d picture from this article), macebearers & other paraphernalia from medieval Albion.


Palestine and International Law

Israeli occupation of West Bank is illegal according to international law. As the international community does nothing to enforce its law, it tacitly puts law enforcement in the very hands of Palestinians, who are cleared of all charges in toto.

The international community tacitly clears Palestinians for every act of resistance to occupation that they may accomplish, and a country who would call “terrorist” one or the other Palestinian organization resisting occupation, sponsors illegality.

There is no such thing as a Palestinian terrorist as long as the international community verifies Israeli illegal occupation of Palestinian territories (res. 58/292).

Palestinian prisoners are political prisoners and their detention by the occupant is a crime in international law. Furthermore, as occupation entails death of Palestinian civilians, that Palestinian resistance entails death of Israeli civilians will be deemed no breach of the law.

In fact, the death of Israeli civilians at the hands of anybody anywhere is consistent with international law as long as Israeli occupation lasts, as states have failed to draw the consequences of their being bound by international law.


La décision unilatérale des États-Unis en 2017 de ne plus décrire les territoires palestiniens comme occupés n’a pas d’incidence sur la loi internationale, qui constate que ces territoires sont occupés.


Les députés professionnels : il n’y a pas d’opposants, il n’y a que des « chers collègues ».


Why the Western war in Sahel is already lost, in one picture.

War in Sahel: A hopeless story, by Barkhane Cowboy

Suntan lotion? Checked.
Beach towels? Checked.
Laptop? Checked.
Monopoly board game? Checked.
Hi-fi stereo system? Checked.
Minibar? Checked.
Playboy collection? Checked.
PlayStation? Checked.
Roller skates? Checked.


Au pays du pinard, du gros rouge qui tache, je veux dire du champagne, c’est tout de même gênant, cet interdit islamique sur la bouteille…

« Volney, dans son voyage en Orient, constate qu’on n’y voit point cette crapule qui est dans la nôtre et qu’on doit à l’alcool. »

Vous pouvez être sûrs et certains que les industriels du pinard et autres poisons ont, à côté de budgets publicitaires, un budget « promotion de l’islamophobie » (même si ça ne s’appelle pas comme ça dans leur comptabilité).


To a journo who used the word ‘journo’ as an exact synonym for ‘journalist’: Ask lexicographers and I’m pretty sure they’ll tell you the word journo, like politico, medico and other “Castillanized” (Mexicanized) professions’ names, conveys a derogatory sense.


The suspect in the shooting [killing of journalists of the Capital Gazette in Annapolis] is Jarrod Warren Ramos, multiple law enforcement sources tell CNN. Here’s an older article about a defamation claim he filed against the newspaper in 2012 that was dismissed.

A man can’t fight a machine unless he has a machine behind him.” (Jack London). Jarrod Ramos had no machine behind him, only his guns by him. I am available to contribute to his legal defence as I was for YouTube Shooter Nasim Aghdam [who, however, killed herself]. (Some considerations about her.)


Toujours pas de bilan officiel deux jours après l’attaque de Sévaré contre le quartier général du G5 Sahel. Les négociations se poursuivent (sur ce bilan)…


Je condamne la violence
du capitalisme sur les travailleurs


Negociations for Turkey’s EU membership are currently stalled but negociations are going on with Albania, Kosovo and Bosnia. I am looking forward to welcoming these Muslim European countries in EU, and things will change a lot.

EU full-membership negociations with Albania will formally open on June 2019. Looking forward to proudly welcoming Greater Albania!

À l’attention du département AFO (Action des forces opérationnelles) de la police nationale.


Les entretiens (presque) imaginaires de Twitter : « Nous les vétérans de la guerre d’Algérie membres de l’AFO sommes aujourd’hui prêts à faire la guerre d’Algérie en France. »


« Au Sahel nous gagnerons en investissant dans l’éducation et le développement. » Macron veut un plan banlieues pour le Sahel…


Faire respecter les temps de parole à l’Assemblée nationale, c’est-à-dire le règlement voté par les députés eux-mêmes, c’est une « atteinte à la démocratie », mais quand ils vont à la télé c’est 30 minutes de discussion, pas une de plus, et le journaliste leur ferme le clapet. Ah, les bons toutous des médias !


[Le député et président de l’Assemblée nationale] R. affirme qu’il n’a pas été encerclé [à Breil, où il se rendait après l’assassinat par la police d’un jeune de ce quartier] mais il reconnaît qu’il y avait une certaine tension et il a préféré quitter les lieux. (France Bleue)

À voir comment la twittosphère interprète la retraite de R. dans le sens d’une stigmatisation haineuse du Breil et des quartiers, je demande sa démission car son geste sera lourd de conséquences pour ces populations. ll doit démissionner pour avoir, par son comportement irresponsable, donné l’occasion à des personnes malintentionnées de stigmatiser des populations entières.

Il suffit que R. fasse dans son ben pour que toute la droite parle de « no go zones »… « Quand des voyous empêchent le président de l’Assemblée nationale de se rendre au quartier du Breil à Nantes, la République recule. » (un député) => R. fait dans son ben et c’est la République qui recule.


En Algérie, la police française violait les femmes algériennes. Lisez Frantz Fanon (si vous ne me croyez pas) et planquez vos femmes.


La racaille sioniste.


Une ministre : « Être au gouvernement, c’est travailler 24 heures sur 24. » Message transmis aux patrons qui se feront un plaisir de relayer ça à leurs travailleurs.

« Être au gouvernement, c’est travailler 24 heures sur 24 » mais elle à le temps d’écrire des livres, de tenir un blog et de faire du théâtre. (Bien vu, camarade !)

Elle fait travailler des fonctionnaires et son staff 24/24 pour justifier son existence de politicarde.


Tous les versants de la fonction publique en France ont été pressurés à mort : l’enseignement, à tous les degrés, la territoriale, l’hospitalière…, notamment sous la pression des poujadistes du FN et autres, qui ne se rendent pas compte qu’un fonctionnaire c’est un concurrent de moins pour leurs petits commerces. De plus, le non-remplacement de fonctionnaires a pour conséquence que des gens qui auraient été absorbés par la fonction publique arrivent sur le marché du travail, accroissant la concurrence entre travailleurs et exerçant une pression à la baisse sur les salaires.


La loi des 60 heures de travail par semaine en Autriche


Sebastian Kurz a les oreilles décollées d’un microcéphale. Je ne dis pas que toute personne qui a les oreilles décollées est microcéphale, mais ça plus l’islamophobie ça fait deux indices convergents.


« Le gouvernement a amendé son projet initial, assurant que ces durées ne pourraient être atteintes que sur la base du volontariat. »

– Vous travaillerez 60 heures ?
– Non.
– Viré.
– C*nnard.
– Condamnation pénale.

Volontariat en entreprise, mon col !


Noch eine kleine Anstrengung und werden die Unternehmen aus China nach Österreich zurück! #12StundenTag👎 #16StundenTag👍 … #clowns


I know another country where legal working week is 40 hours, and people make 60-80 hours: Japan, the land of karoshi or burnout death.


La semaine de travail de 60 heures en Autriche : la vraie sale gueule de la droite pro-sioniste, au service du capital apatride.

One comment

  1. florentboucharel

    “The Nigerian Law School has accepted to call Amasa Firdaus to bar with her Hijab. Approves use of Hijab during call to bar.” (Just Event Online, june or July 2018)

    Read this article from United Africa World, “Why African Judges Wear Blonde Wigs?” by Wongel Zelalem:

    I left comments on this article:

    Thank you for this well-thought paper. I am glad to see the subject of colonial paraphernalia addressed by United Africa World.

    I started to see an issue in Commonwealth wigs when I saw a photo of Nigerian lawyer Amasa Firdaus a couple of years ago. This Nigerian lady was allowed by the Nigerian Law School to wear her hijab during call to bar, and she posed for a photograph with her hijab AND the blonde wig on top of her hijab. I wrote a few lines on the issue, which I am sharing here.

    “The Nigerian Law School has accepted to call Amasa Firdaus to bar with her Hijab. Approves use of Hijab during call to bar.” (Just Event Online, june or July 2018)

    The mop of sheep wool on her head is a horror but, still, good news!

    Yes to hijab, no to ridiculous sheep wigs, drag queen wigs, macebearers & other paraphernalia from medieval Albion.

    The preservation of wigs is all the more striking that, unless I’m mistaken, former colonies of the British empire in Africa have severed ties with the Privy Council of the United Kingdom, which used to act as the Higher Court of Appeals for the entire British empire. The Privy Council, that is, its Judicial Committee, still plays the same role for a number of “sovereign” countries today, namely: Antigua and Barbuda, The Bahamas, Cook Islands and Niue (Associated States of New Zealand), Grenada, Jamaica, St Christopher and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Tuvalu (source: — countries from the Caribbean or the South Seas. In such countries the preservation of colonial paraphernalia could be argued for, as the personnel of the courts of law remain inside the institutional system of the former colonial power, remain a piece in the chain (with their Supreme Court in the UK); but as African countries have no such bonds today it seems that they should have adopted their own paraphernalia. I agree with United Africa World that it is probably long overdue.

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